#2 World best fielder in cricket

Cricket is the most popular sport all over the world. So here, let’s look at the list of the world’s best fielder in cricket. In cricket, batting and bowling are not the only essential things. Fielding is also important like the other two. Fielders, batters, and bowlers are the nucleus of the game of cricket. At the same time, batter and bowler contributions in any match were the maximum limelight, fielders whose contribution often goes unnoticed. However, one brilliant fielding has the potential to turn the result of the game. In cricket history, we have seen many instances where the game was won because of fielding.

Who is the world no one best fielder in cricket?

Ravindra Jadeja is the world’s number 1 best fielder in cricket, and he has been an Indian International cricketer from 2009 to the present. Jadeja is a left-handed batsman and slow left-arm orthodox bowler. He is an all-rounder and good at batting, bowling, and fielding, and he is known for his gun fielding more than his batting and bowling. He is a lightning-quick when it comes to fielding efforts in world cricket across all formats of cricket. He is one of the fastest runners in world cricket. His aim most of the time doesn’t miss, even from the deep throws. His rocket throws from profound and astonishing catching make him the number one fielder in cricket.

His unbelievable diving catch against Bangladesh in the ICC T20 World Cup-2016 proved his outstanding fielding effort. He has played 59 tests, 168 ODI, and 58 T20I matches. Out of that, he picked up 39 catches in the test, 60 catches in ODI, and 22 catches in T20I matches. Overall, he took 121 catches in all three formats of cricket.

Top 10 best fielders in cricket

Below is a list of the top 10 best fielders in cricket.

S.NO.Fielder NameTeamYearTotal Matches Played (Test, ODI and T20I)No. of CatchesNo. of Run-Outs
1.Jonty RhodesSouth Africa1992-200329713956
2.Ravindra JadejaIndia2009-202228512136
3.AB de VillersSouth Africa2004-201842046340
4.Suresh RainaIndia2005-201832216731
5.Ricky PontingAustralia1995-201256036478
6.Faf Du PlessisSouth Africa2011-20212621689
7.Herschelle GibbsSouth Africa1996-201036121041
8.Andrew SymondsAustralia1998-200923810727
9.Paul CollingwoodEngland2001-201130121931
10.Steve SmithAustralia2010-202226724918

ICC best fielder ranking

Ravindra Jadeja became ICC’s no.1 all-rounder in Test cricket. His rating is 385 in the ICC test all-rounder list.

Below is a list of the top 10 players ranking list in ICC test all-rounders.

RankPlayer NameTeamRating
1Ravindra JadejaIndia385
2Ravichandran AshwinIndia341
3Jason HolderWest Indies336
4Shakib Al HasanBangladesh327
5Ben StokesEngland298
6Mitchell StarcAustralia291
7Kyle JamiesonNew Zealand274
8Pat CumminsAustralia263
9Colin de GrandhommeNew Zealand245
10Chris WoakesEngland239

Best fielding position in cricket

The best fielding position in cricket plays a vital role in taking wickets and saving runs. A perfect field set in any match will put pressure on batsmen and make it possible to play the wrong shots. It all depends upon the team’s captain, and he must know the best fielding position in cricket. The fielding position is going to be changed for every batsman in cricket. Because it depends on which fielding position suits right-handed and left-handed batsmen. In the modern era of cricket, the fielding part becomes a more critical factor in cricket. But, we have some cricket rules for field-setting. Let’s see some of the fielding positions in cricket.         

  • First, Second, Third Slips
  • Gully
  • Leg Slip
  • Deep Fine Leg
  • Fine Leg
  • Leg Gully
  • Silly Point
  • Point and Backward Point
  • Cover
  • Silly Mid-On and Mid-off
  • Extra Cover
  • Mid-On and Mid-Off
  • Long On and Long Off
  • Square Short Leg
  • Short Leg
  • Mid-Wicket
  • Deep Mid-Wicket
  • Square Leg
  • Deep Square Leg

Who is the best fielder in India?

 Ravindra Jadeja is the best fielder on the Indian cricket team. He played 285 matches and picked up 121 catches in all formats of international cricket.

 Who owns the best fielder trophy in India?

Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja owns the best fielder trophy in India. He is the world’s no one fielder in India. Jadeja also owns the ICC ODI team of the year-2013 and 2016. In Ranji Trophy-2008-09, he holds the Madhavrao Scindia award for most wickets.

 List of players who failed in fielding in World Cup

The above table discusses the list of best fielder in cricket. Here, we will see a list of the top 5 players who failed in fielding in the World Cup.

S.NO.Player NameTeamWorld Cup-Year
1.Manoj PrabhakarIndia1992
2.Ashish NehraIndia2011
3.Asif AliPakistan2019
4.Ramiz RazaPakistan2019
5.Rishaph PantIndia2019


We hope that the above article will help you find the list of the top 10 world’s best fielder in cricket. We have seen a lot of players who were outstanding in fielding. And also discussed the ICC’s best fielder ranking in test cricket, best fielding position in cricket, who owns the best fielder trophy in India, and a list of players who failed in fielding in world-cup cricket. So do look at the above article about the list of the world’s best fielders in cricket.

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