Top 3 Fastest Hundred in ODI for India – Complete Analysis

In this blog post, let’s talk about India’s fastest hundred in ODI matches. For an international cricket batsman, scoring a hundred always adds up to the stats of his cricket career. When a batsman scores a century with effort and sweat, it could always help the team reach for the win. But the case, if it failed to do so, it does not mean it went in vain, and it always stays in the heart of the audience. While adding to the stats can always be categorized, such as the highest centuries in ODI, test, and t20 matches, fastest hundred in ODI, test, and t20 matches.

Fastest hundred in ODI for India

Our one and only Virat Kohli hold the fastest hundred in ODI record in just 52 balls. In 2013, when India was playing against Australia in Jaipur in a One Day International match, our skipper batsman reached the mark of 100 runs in just 52 balls. His century includes seven sixes and eight boundaries. So, Kohli is at the top list of fastest hundred in ODI by Indian players, and he is the only Indian player to hit a century under 55 balls. 

List of fastest hundred by Indian Players:

So, when we talk about the fastest hundred in ODI cricket matches, we obviously cannot forget our Virender Sehwag. In 2009, India was playing against New Zealand in ODI cricket. NZ managed to score 270 runs in 47 overs in the match’s first innings, and the game was stopped due to rain. When it was innings for India, our favorite opening duo of Sehwag and Gambhir scored 201 runs without giving out any wicket. The match was stopped once again due to rain. According to the DLS method, these two made the team India win the game without losing any wickets. In that match, Sehwag scored a century in 60 balls. 

How come we can forget our stunning cricketer, Mohammed Azharuddin. When playing against New Zealand in the year 1988, Azhar managed to score a hundred in just 61 balls. Can you even imagine a match like that three decades ago? That would have been an astonishing century those days for India? 

Next comes the former cricketer, our stylish all-rounder batsman in his era, Yuvraj Singh. When India was playing against England in 2008, Yuvraj Singh scored 138 runs out of 78 balls. He reached the century mark on the 64th ball. And India even managed to win against England in that match. With the help of six sixes and sixteen boundaries, Yuvraj scored a hundred. 

Top 3 fastest hundred in Cricket History ever:

Okay, when you read the fastest hundred in cricket history, I heard you saying the name AB de VilliersWhen South Africa was playing against West Indies in 2015, Villiers scored 149 runs in 31 balls, including 16 sixes and nine boundaries. 

Then in our list of fastest hundred in ODI, CJ Anderson from New Zealand takes the top second position. In 2014, when New Zealand was playing against West Indies, Anderson reached the mark of 131 in just 36 balls, and he managed to take 14 sixes and six boundaries in that match.

Turning the page back to 1996, Shahid Afridi from Pakistan, when playing against Sri Lanka, has scored 102 runs in just 37 balls. Think of the audience’s hearts who watched when Afridi struck fours and sixes in every heartbeat. Afridi took eleven sixes and six boundaries in that game. 

Who made 100 runs in 22 balls?

Who made 100 runs in 22 balls? I can hear your mind thinking, would it even be possible to score a century in 22 balls. There was a cricket player who made this possible, even before you were born. In 1931, during a village game, a player named Donald Bradman scored a century in just 22 balls delivered to him. On November 2, 1931, Don Bradman was invited to the game against Lithgow. This game was a part of the inauguration of a new concrete pitch. Bradman has scored 256 runs in that match, which includes fourteen sixes and twenty-nine boundaries in total. It is still a record in cricket history, and I don’t think it can ever be broken. 

Three fastest hundred against India in ODI:

Here comes the fastest hundred in ODI matches, which was taken when playing against the team India:

  • In 2005, when Pakistan and India were facing each other in Kanpur, Shahid Afridi scored 102 runs in just 45 balls, with nine sixes and ten boundaries, in total. 
  • In 2013, when Australia and India were matched up in Bangalore, JP Faulkner scored 116 runs in 57 balls, with six sixes and eleven boundaries. 
  • In 2015, AB de Villiers of the South African team scored 119 runs in 57 balls when playing against India in Mumbai. In this 57-ball century, there were eleven sixes and three boundaries. 


There might be so many players in cricket history who hit many centuries in their cricket career. But, when our favorite cricket players make their record in the fastest hundred in ODI, it is hard to forget those moments. 

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