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Don’t Miss Out On The List Of The Most Maiden Over Bowled In the Test By Indian Player.  

Maiden over means a batsman scores no runs in an over, and there should be no extra runs given, including wides and no balls. Maiden overs are like a treasure in international cricket because the strike rate is going rigorously upward because of the limited over format, so it has become tough to see maiden overs. Compared with the forms of cricket, it is easy to bowl a maiden over in Test format. Once the bowler finds his frequency and vibe, it will be difficult for the batsman to score runs. Let’s talk about the most maiden over bowled by an Indian player in the test format matches. 

Most Maiden Over Bowled In Test By Indian: 

Can you people make a wild guess? Who could it be? Who is that brilliant cricket player to bowl most maiden overs? Yeah, I heard you! It is none other than our leg-break bowler, Anil Kumble. Kumble was the best spin bowler during his 20 years cricket career. Anil Kumble has bagged 619 test wickets, with 1575 maiden over bowled from almost 7000 overs played. There is a saying that spin bowlers from the Indian team are tough to deal with, and Anil Kumble tops the list with all his records. 

List Of Five Bowlers With Most Maiden Over Bowled In Test Cricket:  

1 Muttiah Muralitharan 

If we base our concept worldwide, Muttiah Muralitharan from the Sri Lankan. He tops the list of the most maiden over bowled. In the total of 133 test matches represented, Muralitharan took 800 wickets, in which there were 1792 maiden over bowled. Our right-arm bowler is always unpredictable when it comes to bowling, and the mind of the opposing team’s batsman would be to survive the game, not score runs. 

2 Shane Warne

During his career, the Australian team pride, Shane Warne always left the batsmen at riddle with his leg-spin bowling. In his twenty years of career, he represented Australia in 145 test matches and has taken 708 wickets. From 6784 test overs, Warne has 1762 maiden over bowled, and with these stats, he takes the second position on the list of the most maiden over bowled. 

3 Anil Kumble

Considering the most maiden over bowled, Anil Kumble takes the first place nationally and occupies the third position worldwide, with 1575 maiden over bowled.

4 Glenn Mcgrath

Been a nightmare of the batsman for 14 long years; McGrath has delivered 1470 maiden over bowled. Glenn McGrath, a right-arm spin bowler, has played in 4784 overs and attained 563 test wickets. Being consistent is one of his strengths. 

5 James Anderson

Anderson from the Australian team holds the fifth spot in losing the most maiden over bowled. In 171 test matches played, he bagged a total of 651 wickets. Our fast bowler has played in 5721 test overs, in which he bowled 1465 maiden overs. 

Most Maiden Over Bowled In ODI

Shaun Pollock holds the record for the most maiden over bowled in One Day International matches. Pollock has participated in 303 ODI matches, in which he has bowled 313 maiden overs. In ODI matches, he attained 393 wickets, with an economy rate of 3.67. Our South African player is the only cricketer to hold the record of more than 300 maiden over bowled. 

Who Bowled The First-Ever Maiden Over In T20 Internationals? 

Mohammad Asif, the former Pakistani fast bowler, is the first player to bowl a maiden over in the T20 International match. When Pakistan competed against England in 2006, Asif was bowling in the sixth over of the match, in which no runs were scored and two wickets were taken. It was an awe-inspiring over and history written record by Mohammed Asif. 

Who Has The Most Maiden Over Bowled? 

We have already seen that Muralitharan holds the top record in the test maiden over bowled. Additionally, in the total of 350 One Day International matches played, Muttiah has 198 maiden over bowled. Adding up both, our former Sri Lankan bowler holds the name and fame of the most maiden over bowled. 

Best Maiden Over In Cricket History

In recent cricket history, a wicket maiden over was taken by a Malaysian bowler, Virandeep Singh. In the Pro Club Championship T20 tournament, when Malaysia faced off against Nepal, Virandeep bagged six wickets in six balls. Actually, in this miraculous over, he took five wickets, the sixth one being a run-out, and fell in his sixth ball. Being an under-19 cricketer, he holds a unique record in cricket history. 

Which Bowler Bowled 21 Maiden Overs? 

Bapu Nadkarni holds the record of 21 maiden over bowled. When India was playing against England in 1964, our former left-arm fast bowler bowled 21 maiden overs consecutively. Nadkarni holds a reco4 for not giving in any runs in 21.5 overs, that is 131 balls. These records have not been broken by any cricketer so far. 


With these stats of both national and worldwide bowlers, their efforts and performance make us speechless. How can a bowler be determined not to give any runs in 21 overs? Hopefully, our upcoming young cricketers will play with this kind of determination in the future.

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