Top 3 Smartest Cricketer In The World

Regarding cricket, players need to act smart and quick, whether limited over format matches or test cricket. Such smartest cricketers are always positioned at the team’s captaincy or senior leadership role. These smartest cricketers have some positivity, enthusiasm, encouraging capability, and ability to act according to the situation, which would help the other team players play on the path to success. In this article, let’s talk about the three smartest cricketers in the world. 

Top 3 Smartest Cricketers In The World

#1 Mahendra Singh Dhoni 

Number one on the list of the smartest cricketers is our former Indian team captain, Thala Dhoni. MSD, whether as a batsman or as a captain, acts smart on the field and off the field. Dhoni always brings out the best in his fellow mates to give out their 100% during the game. 

There are many such incidents, but one of them would be bringing out the best in Ashish Nehra and giving a unique role for him in CSK. Then his bowling took a turn, didn’t it? During the fielding time of the match, Dhoni gave feedback to the bowlers, which helped them do much better. 

If we are about to talk about his batting performance, should we say the word ‘brilliant’? Because he keeps the audience tense till the last moment and gives the best finishing, a fan could never forget. He had the best finishing capability and calmness, which helped him be one of the smartest cricketers worldwide. 

#2 Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson from the New Zealand team takes second place in the list of smartest cricketers. Kane is very good at reading the match. Even though New Zealand’s team strength is less in numbers, Kane managed to take the team until the 2019 CWC Final match. During CWC 2019, the only batting strength of the team was Kane and Ross Taylor, so Kane was slow and steady in taking any risky shots during the match. Williamson was cautious in deciding on the bowlers for attacking the batsman. 

#3 AB de Villiers 

Should I say more about South Africa’s sensation, AB De Villiers? He is a multi-talented sports person who plays various other sports incredibly well. Villiers is good at predicting the spot where the bowler intends to bowl; this will not come easy to everyone, as it requires a high level of smartness and experience. Bowlers can easily change their bowling style, and batsmen will hit the wrong spot. Villiers’ reading capability helped him bat at the free spot of the ground, which made him one step ahead of the bowler. He is third on the list of the top three smartest cricketers in the world. 

Who Is The No1 Smartest Player In T20?

I hear you scream Chris Gayle’s name behind your smartphone screens. With his explosive batting capability, Gayle never fails to send shivers across his bowlers’ spines. Gayle’s awestruck performances in Twenty20 did not start now, but one and a half decades back, when he debuted for the first T20I match in 2007. It is brilliant for us to call him the No 1 smartest cricketer in T20 format matches. 

In the total 79 T20I matches played, Chris Gayle scored 1899 runs, with two centuries and 14 half centuries. His batting average is 27.9, with the highest batting score of 117 runs. He has hit 158 boundaries and 124 sixes in Twenty20 format matches. 

You will lose your mind if we discuss Christopher’s performance in IPL matches. In the total of 142 IPL matches, he has scored 4965 runs, with 175 runs not out being the top score. His batting average in IPL matches is 39.7. He has scored 6 centuries and 31 fifties in his IPL career and hit 404 fours and 357 sixes. Didn’t you already lose your mind looking at the stats? 

List Of 5 Smartest Bowlers In ODI Cricket:


Jasprit Bumrah, from the current Indian team, is one of the smartest cricketers worldwide. He has the skill of deceiving the opposing batsmen. Being the fastest bowler, Bumrah has represented India in 68 ODI matches, in which he took 110 wickets. His best bowling is when he took 5 wickets for 27 runs. His bowling average is 25.33, and his bowling economy rate is 4.65.

#2. Richard Hadlee

New Zealand’s former fast bowler Richard Hadlee is among the smartest cricketers in cricket history. Initially, he wasn’t good at what he was doing, but he mastered the art; there was no stopping. He learned every part of bowling, such as approach, delivery, grip, and release. He studies everything bit by bit. After this was done, he learned about the weakness of every great batsman of his time. In the total 115 ODI matches played, he managed to attain 158 wickets. His best was when he took 5 wickets for 25 runs in an ODI format match. His bowling average was 21.56. 

#3. Ravichandran Ashwin

Ashwin, the fourth Indian bowler to attain 400 wickets in Test matches, is one of the smartest cricketers worldwide. Ravichandran Ashwin has got the talent to defeat any batter. Ashwin spends a lot of effort in taking on the wicket of a particular opponent team batsman and prepares for that in advance. 

In the total of 112 ODI matches played, Ashwin has bagged 151 wickets. His best bowling was when he took 4 wickets for 25 runs, and his bowling average in ODI format matches is 32.91. 

#4. Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan, the former Indian team player, is one of the smartest cricketers of his time. He was known for his bowling in the death overs. He was undoubtedly the best when it came to bowling overseas. Zack was excellent at not giving extra scores to the opponent team, which was one of the excellent qualities of the bowler. In the total of 200 ODI matches played, Zaheer Khan managed to bag 282 wickets. His best bowling was when he took five wickets for 42 runs. His bowling average was 29.44.

#5. James Anderson

James Anderson from the England team is one of the greatest bowlers of all time. He mastered every inch of swing bowler tactics, such as hoop-out swinger, dart-in swinger, and clever use of reverse swing. You name it, and he bowls it. 

In the total of 194 ODI matches played, Anderson attained 269 wickets. His bowling average is 29.22, and his best bowling was when he took five wickets for 23 runs. He has made 53 stumping in ODI format matches and has two five wickets haul. 

Who Is The Smartest Cricketer On The Indian Team? 

Next to MS Dhoni, we could say Rohit Sharma is the smartest cricketer on the Indian cricket team. Wasim Jaffer, a legendary Indian domestic batsman, once said that Rohit Sharma is the best cricketing brain. He even said he would love to see Rohit captaining the team India in the upcoming World Cup. I think his words came true, or he predicted the future already. Our Sharma ji is the three-time IPL winning captain, which is not the only thing he is celebrated for. He gives his utmost best in all three formats of the game. He is the most consistent player as of now. 

Rohit Sharma scored 3076 runs in 44 test matches, with 8 centuries and 14 fifties included. He played 228 ODI matches, in which he scored 9283 runs, with 29 centuries and 44 half centuries. In the total of 124 T20I matches participated, our smartest cricketer has bagged a total of 3308 runs, with 4 centuries and 26 half centuries included. I feel like the best is yet to come in his cricket career.

Best All-Rounder, Smartest Cricketer In Cricket History

In my opinion, Sir Clive Lloyd, who represented the West Indies, is one of the smartest cricketers in cricket history. The world was still grasping the concept of ODI formats, but the West Indies team held the World Cup trophy at the Lord’s Cricket Ground under his captaincy, not just once but twice. West Indies team even came close in 1983, but Kapil Dev’s captainship won the finals of CWC1983. Whatever it is, Sir Clive Lloyd will always be in our memories as the best decision-maker. 

Our left-handed batsman has scored 18 centuries in test format matches, one century in ODI cricket, 79 centuries in FC matches, and 12 centuries in List A matches. His best top score is 242 runs, not out in test cricket. 


There are so many smartest cricketers throughout the world. I hope I did some justice by covering some of the leading players. 

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