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Today we are here to talk about the greatest and most sensational player cricket history has ever witnessed, the one and only former ‘cool captain’ of the Indian team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Our wicketkeeper-batsman is the most successful player to make records by breaking the previous ones. Let’s talk about Dhoni batting records as follows:

Ms Dhoni Batting Records In ODI: 

  • Our right-handed batsman debuted in the first ODI match on the 23rd of December 2004, when India was playing against Bangladesh. In the total of 350 ODI matches participated, MSD scored 10773 runs, which is one of MS Dhoni batting records. 
  • He holds third place in the record of taking most runs in an innings (by batting position). When playing against Australia in 2013, MSD scored 139 runs in 121 balls, including 12 boundaries and five sixes. 
  • As a wicketkeeper-batsman, MS Dhoni holds the record for scoring the most runs in an innings by a wicketkeeper. When playing against Sri Lanka, MSD scored 183 runs in 145 balls; this is one of the unbroken MS Dhoni batting records for almost sixteen years. 
  • MS Dhoni has the highest career batting average of 50.57 in ODI matches, at the eleventh position on the list. 
  • Dhoni has scored ninety-six times in his ODI career, being at the eighth place on the list; it is one of MS Dhoni batting records. 
  • Being at the eleventh spot on the list, MSD scored the most fifties in his career. MSD has scored 83 fifties in his career. 
  • Dhoni is in fifth place for striking most sixes career. One of MS Dhoni’s batting records is taking 229 sixes in ODI matches. 
  • In his cricket career, MS Dhoni scored 9000 runs in 244 innings played. For that, he is in the ninth position on the record.
  • MSD managed to score 10000 runs in 273 innings played. For that, MSD is in sixth place for scoring the fastest 10000 runs. 
  • MSD has won player-of-the-series awards seven times in his career, so he takes the sixth position in the list of the records. 

Ms Dhoni Batting Records In Test Cricket

Let’s see some of MS Dhoni batting records in test matches. 

  • Played as the sixth batsman in the Test match against Australia in the year 2013, MSD has scored 224 runs in 265 balls, with 24 boundaries and six sixes in total. He holds fourth place in the record for taking the most runs in an innings by batting position. 
  • MS Dhoni batting record of scoring 224 runs in an innings against Australia holds the third position in the list of scoring most runs as a wicketkeeper. 
  • MS Dhoni has scored 78 sixes in his Test career, which takes the 14th position in the list of most sixes in a career.

MS Dhoni Batting Records In T20

We have already discussed MS Dhoni batting records in ODI and test formats. So now let’s read about his records in T20 format matches:

  • MSD holds the fifteenth position in the record for highest career batting average with 37.60 in T20 format.
  • MSD has played 84 consecutive T20 matches without giving a duck. This record holds second place in the list. 
  • MSD spots in the second place for fewest ducks in his T20 cricket career.

MS Dhoni Batting Style

Since we have read about the list of MS Dhoni batting records, let’s talk about his batting style. As I have said earlier, he is a right-handed batsman. He is an unorthodox batsman, meaning he does not follow coaching manuals. He hits full ball shots to long-on, long off or midwicket regions. He prefers playing pull shots or hook shots in short balls. Dhoni likes to take helicopter shots once in a while. Dhoni, being a powerful hitter, runs very fast between the wickets. Played as a lower-order batsman at the beginning of his career; he later improved his batting tactics while growing captaincy responsibilities. 

Top 3 Batting Records Held By MS Dhoni

Our wicketkeeper-batsman has created so many records of his own. Let’s know about the top three of MS Dhoni batting records:

1. In 2005, when India competed against Sri Lanka in the ODI match, MSD scored an unbeaten 183 runs out of 145 balls, including 15 boundaries and ten sixes; this comes in a record of taking the most runs in an innings as a wicketkeeper and batsman. This colossal score helped the Indian team win the match against SL. 

2. MS Dhoni batting records list includes his second position for taking the fewest ducks in T20 International matches. Dhoni has gone for a duck in only one T20I match. He participated in a total of 85 T20I matches from the 14th of September 2007 to the 27th of February 2019. MSD holds records for the most consecutive T20I innings without a duck. 

3. While playing at the sixth position, MSD scored 139 runs in 121 balls in a match against Australia. It is the third-highest ODI knock while playing at the sixth position and is one of the top MS Dhoni’s batting records. 

Best Records Of MS Dhoni In Cricket History Ever

1. Dhoni is the only cricket player to win all the ICC trophies during his career. In 2007, he won the World T20, and in 2011, he won the World Cup, and in 2013, he won the Champions Trophy. 

2. Our lightning captain has the world record for stumping the batsman in just 0.08 seconds. When India was playing against the West Indies team, Dhoni stumped Keemo Paul in just 0.08 seconds. Dhoni’s previous record was 0.09 seconds. So it is proven that only he can break his set records. 

3. MSD creates another untouchable record. In a total of 538 international matches, MSD has stumped 195 wickets in total. 


How can a human being be so good at every nook and corner of the sport of cricket? MSD inspires everybody, especially youngsters. MS Dhoni’s batting records set high standards for the future cricketers to look forward to. 

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