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India as a country is enthusiastic about cricket, there is hardly any family member in India who isn’t interested to watch cricket. In India, cricket is not just a game, it is religion and people from all age group totally enjoy watching cricket. When it comes to cricket, how can one miss predicting the winner. Just like cricket people in India are equally fascinated about predicting the game too. Cricket prediction is favourite hobby for many. Since the technology has overtaken almost everything, now people enjoy online cricket prediction. It is a fun way to predict the winner and also make decent money

What is Online Cricket Prediction?

Online cricket prediction is a fun way to earn some money while enjoying the game of cricket. You can predict the winner, bet on it and earn some money online. There are many websites like ProTeamMaker which allows you to predict and win big.

How Does Online Cricket Prediction Work?

Online cricket prediction is super simple, all you needs is to predict the winner in any of the recent cricket game it can be IPL, Test Match etc and they bet on it via online website and once you win, you can earn big money. The online prediction helps you to earn money based on your intuition.

Are Online Prediction legal in India?

Yes, online cricket Prediction is legal in India. There are no federal laws against online prediction in India

List of Best Prediction Websites in India?

There are plenty of website in India which allows you to predict the cricket results but the best among all is ProTeamMaker website, it is simple to use and offers incredible winning tips too.

What are the Best Online Prediction Cricket Sites?

There are plenty of online prediction sites but among all ProTeamMaker is the best online cricket prediction sites where you can get experts tips and suggestion and ace the cricket game. This is a one stop website where you will find the best and reliable tips and make the most with your cricket prediction.

Types of Predictive System

If you are a hard-core fan on online cricket then you much be aware about the various predictive system as well. Here are the types of predictive system which will help you to understand the game well and will also make you an expert in short span on time.

IPL Predictive System

The rise of the Indian Premier League happened in 2008, Since then the interest in the prediction of the game fired up with a lot of expectations and processed with a lot of strategies. The uncertainty of the matches and the last moment of winning has made the IPL one of the highest revenue-generating leagues.

With the right data and perfect analysis, the probability of winning can be predicted. Being a cricket fan, it fantasizes me to predict the probability of winning for my favorite team. Statistics and data analytics can help the many algorithms to predict the outcome more accurately which are available in the market.

This is called machine learning, where we give all the inputs to the algorithm so it can predict the outcome of the match. It is also based on the current situation of the match. IP has 20 over for each match and hence it can be predictable with the right algorithm or data analysis. But what so ever it cannot be accurate all the time.

Uncertainty can take control of the situation. Because many other factors influence the game like weather conditions, the pitch of the stadium, size of the ground, physical fitness of the players, winning of the toss, bowler’s specialty, and so on.

ODI Predictive System

The first one-day international game was played on January 5, 1971, between Australia and England on the Melbourne cricket ground. The team faces the 50 overs, the game can last up to 9 hours. The prediction of the ODI can be influenced by several various factors:

  • Past performances
  • Ground
  • Innings
  • Home ground advantages
  • Training
  • Spontaneous decisions

Several studies have proven that strategies can be implemented for a more accurate prediction of the outcome of the game. There are supervised classification techniques for predicting the outcome. Decision trees and multi-layer perceptron network techniques are classified under this technique. Studies have proven that they can predict the outcome more accurately than other approaches in the field.There is much other software like CricAI for predicting the outcome of the ODI.

The patterns are should be studied before predicting because many independent variables influence the outcome of the result. Moreover, clustering the patterns of the matches according to the previous cannot be feasible all time because of the uncertainty of the game. These approaches need to be fed with the right data and patterns which makes the final prediction accurate.

T20 Prediction

Origin of the first t20 match was held on February 17/2005 between Australia and New Zealand, the team faces 20 overs and played for 70-90 minutes. Hence it is a shorter game than the other forms, it can be easy to predict the outcome when compared to other predictions. It obsesses the fans to get more interest than other forms of cricket because it is shorter and easier to understand. Some internal factors that affect the outcome are

  • Average run
  • Strike rate
  • No of wickets
  • Performance of the players in previous matches
  • Batting position
  • Average economy
  • Average no of maiden overs

There are several classifiers to predict the outcome of the match

  1. Adaboost
  2. Decision trees
  3. Naïve Bayes
  4. Random forest supporting vector machines
  5. Bagging

These approaches can give predicters to have a clear idea about the game results if there are preferable stats and data for the study of the patterns and implementing them in the right way. All approaches are sceptical which can be strongly influenced by uncertainty. Hence it is advisable to have reservations while doing predictions.

Test Match Predictive System

Test matches started in the 1800s which has unlimited time in which to chase the target and to bowl the opponent team twice. After 1939. The fixed timing was adopted. It may last up to 5 days. The first match was between Australia and England in the Melbourne stadium. the prediction system is a little difficult here where the match is longer than in other forms of cricket. The factor which affects most of the predictability is the batting strategy of the team.

There are other factors like weather conditions, the pitch of the stadium, size of the ground, physical fitness of the players, winning of the toss, and bowler’s specialty that can also affect the game greatly. Hence it is hard to predict the game before starting the match. The predictability of the match can be decided by the previous performances and the deployment of the batsman in the game. We cannot overcome the uncertainty of the game which makes the game interesting and more involved.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online cricket prediction sites?

India is growing in online cricket predictionplatforms. With cricket being the favorite sport of the majority of people in India, no wonder there is a boom in online cricket prediction.

Everybody has access to the internet and has some knowledge about smartphones. Many credible apps and sites are also on the rise. Now let us look into the advantages of online cricket prediction sites:

#1 Convenience

Gone are the days when one has to go to the actual prediction place and be physically present. You can do the prediction online from the comfort of our house in your pajamas. Hence, it can be done anywhere, anytime. One of the main reasons why these online cricket prediction websites have grown in popularity is that it is very convenient for users. The technology makes it easier for the users to navigate through the website while using it. The payments are also efficiently made.

There are various options for depositing and withdrawing money, privacy for personal information, and customer care service. Prediction is usually done in a very fast-paced manner, and these websites never lag in that. These apps are fast, hence there is no delay in action


Quick and Super Easy Money As the apps and websites have made online prediction quite easy, one’s chances of making money have also become easy. You just need to download the app, deposit the money, place the prediction, and when your team wins, you can make a profit. In some sites, a minimum deposit of Rs.25-100 is enough. And another exciting thing is that there are a lot of bonuses, promos, and vouchers that are available once you start playing.

You not only have fun while watching your favorite sport, but you also get the chance to win some cash along with it. Pick the right online cricket prediction to make the most and also have fun at the same time.

#3 Positive Experience

There are so many online cricket prediction sitesand apps that are trustworthy and so when people participate in online cricket prediction, they know that they can rely on it and that it is safe. This is because many of these sites and apps are backed by top sports organizations. Also, the money that they get, even if it is a minimal amount, they feel happy and feel attracted to it. And cricket being many people’s favorite sport, they predict with proper understanding.

#4. Positive Experience

There are people who love cricket, they might excel in the regular street cricket that they play. They also become very experienced in this process. This expertise can be put to proper use by betting on osites. This will enable them to showcase the knowledge, understanding, and experience that they have in cricket. This need not just stop with the street cricket that they play, but this will go beyond that. They can confidently predict on the best team/ players and easily predict winners, also making some money in this process.

Disadvantages of online cricket predictionSites

Though we find online cricket prediction to be attractive, sometime it can be risky too. There will be times wherein there will be some downfalls.
So, when one starts predicting with a lot of hope to win, he must also be ready to face the failures. Some of the common disadvantages of online cricket prediction sites are as follows:

  • Heavy competition
    The online cricket prediction sites and apps are becoming popular and the number of players is increasing drastically, this might have a negative impact on winning. There are no age limitations, everyone is well aware of how the sites work, hence the people who participate are put in a place where everybody knows cricket in depth. Even if they predict and win, the monetary return also becomes very low as it needs to be shared with everyone who predicted correctly.
  • Highly Addictive One of the most prominent features of people who predict online is addiction. They become so addicted that it affects them mentally and physically. Their friends and family members also complain about this regularly because that’s how prominent it is. This is the nature of gambling. There is always a want for more. It can be very tempting and one can’t stop with just one game.
  • If you lose in the first game, you will want to give your best shot in the second, and when you luckily win in the second game, you will want to go in for the second game by increasing the amount.
  • There is an Irish proverb that best explains this, “There is no lock on the purse of a gambler.” This addictiveness not just deteriorates a person’s health but can sometimes lead to extreme monetary loss as well. Also use the online cricket prediction for fun only and never be addictive to it.
  • Money Loss When there is no proper knowledge or understanding of the game, you are prone to lose money quickly. While being a beginner, it is better when one starts with a small amount. Quick money loss is a problem not just with online cricket predictionbut also in any form of gambling. Sudden, hasty decisions can lead to monetary loss. As mentioned above getting addicted is one of the main reasons for money loss. While using the online cricket prediction always make conscious decision.
  • Limitations of App/Sites Though the betters search for safe and secure app/sites, there are still some illegal app/sites out there and especially the beginners fall prey to this. When one is new to online cricket prediction, they have little knowledge about the sites. It causes danger by hacking or through viruses. Older generations are new to the technological aspects. They might have been traditional betters and this may be new for them.
  • So, they need to become technologically sound before entering into online cricket prediction. Not everyone will afford a smartphone because, in order to do online cricket prediction, the important object that you need is a smartphone. Also, good internet is yet another challenge, some may run out of data, and some may have slow internet. There may be a glitch in the apps and apps may freeze while playing. Use a good online cricket prediction for the best results.

How to choose the best online prediction sites?

Cricket is one of the unpredictable sports and there are many online cricket predictionsites to choose from. Decide the interesting site that furnishes the most probable prediction for the match and analyze them well. Few of the online prediction apps are dream guru, fan code, prediction guru, India fantasy, etc.

How to create an account on online Prediction sites?

There are numerous online cricket predictionsites available where you can predict, and earn money. Choose the best online prediction site where the prediction is better and perfect. You can create an account on these sites using the sign up option available in it.You can give the necessary details onto it.Then log in whenever needed.

Best mobile online betting apps

There are many mobile online cricket predictionapps available. You can choose from the list below then download it on your mobile to bet and earn money. They are LEON, Pari match, jeet city, Fun 88. All the apps are licensed and also secure. They online cricket prediction sites are very liable to predict and earn money.

How to select a match on cricket prediction sites?

To select a match in cricket prediction sites you need to know certain things about the technical aspects of cricket and the teams. Gather knowledge about the team and the players as well. Understand the probability theory well before selecting a match. Gather the previous datas about the teams and then select a match.

How can I create a team on Cricket Prediction sites?

You can create your own team on cricket prediction sites by selecting a total of 11 players with some credits consisting of wicket keepers, batsman, bowlers and all-rounder. Furthermore, you can also check the player status by selecting their photo. Understand the probability of the game and select the team based on that.

Shall I deposit money in INR on cricket Prediction sites?

Yes, you can deposit money in INR on certain cricket prediction sites such as Betway, parimatch, Bet365, 22bet, etc. In these sites you can deposit and withdraw in Indian National Rupee without having to pay extra charges. These online cricket prediction sites have all the banking options from India and there are no extra charges.

How to add money to Online Prediction sites?

You can add money to online prediction sites through online or internet banking, card deposit, Opay, quickteller, deposit via an agent from which money can directly be transferred from the account to the online prediction sites. This can be done by using the internet banking platform and it can also be done by the mobile app. The online cricket prediction websites are super user friendly and the steps of instruction is equally easy online cricket prediction to follow.

What are the payment methods available on cricket Prediction sites?

There are numerous payment methods available on the cricket prediction sites but you will have to find out the safest prediction payment options. Some of the payment wallets are Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, AstroPay etc. The registration process is simple in all these wallets but you need to be cautious while making the payments using these wallets for your safety. Many Online cricket prediction offer safe payment methods.

How to claim a bonus on online cricket prediction sites?

You can claim the bonus on online cricket prediction sites by logging into your account. Then you can claim the bonus from your account. Welcome bonus is offered by a few websites and cash back bonuses are also provided based on the prediction . Online Prediction sites provide some options to claim your bonus after your first deposit.

What are the best online Prediction cricket sites?

There are plenty of website to get the online cricket prediction, the best among all is ProTeamMaker. It is one of the most reliablesites which offers complete details and also good predications without charging a penny. Apart from ProTeamMaker there are few more decent sites like ComeOn, 10Cric, Happistar etc.

What is the best free cricket betting tips site in India?

One of the most reliable sites to get free cricket betting tips in India is ProTeamMaker. You can also checkout Megapari, Parimatch, Bet365. ProTeamMaker offers good cricket betting tips which works for India cricket followers really well. The website is extremely user friendly and hassle free to access. The online cricket prediction at ProTeamMaker is truly a game changing website which makes your cricket game more interesting. You can have the best time with your family and folks after getting the information from online cricket prediction.

How to see live predictions on specific sites?

Cricket lovers can see the Live predictions on specific sites by looking for a high-quality predictions site with accuracy. The site should provide you with high-class cricket tips through analysis and cricket predictions. The online cricket prediction is one of the best ways to make the game more interesting.

You can check out the cricket predictions for cricket leagues, major international test cricket, T20 leagues, etc. Every match prediction is analyzed based on the previous performances and the opinion is given on the outcome.

How do I earn money Prediction on cricket?

Money can be earned by predictions on cricket and it is one of the most famous prediction options. Earning by prediction is easy if you know to put low money on the team you prefer so that you don’t lose much by the end of the game. Cricket tips can be analyzed over the internet sites and decide the team based on that.

How can I withdraw money from online Prediction sites?

Money can be withdrawn from any prediction site by the following methods:

#1. Credit or debit cards- This method is faster since the winnings are credited to bank accounts easily.
#2. E-Wallets- It includes Skrill, PayPal, Neteller. Speedy processing time is the advantage of this method.
#3. Cash transfer- some sites allow direct cash transfer through cash transfer stations but it takes more time. There are many Online cricket Prediction website which allows this option. One of the best Online cricket Prediction sites is ProTeamMaker.


Cricket is a super fun game and the prediction on games make it super interesting. You can check out various online websites to get excellent and relatable prediction and enjoy with your pals. The online cricket prediction can be a medium of fun with your family and friends, it can be also a medium to showcase your prediction skills. The above-mentioned tips will help you to make relatable online cricket prediction and make the game super interesting for you.

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