Best MyTeam11 Alternatives in 2022 – Is just an Astonishing and Fantastic fantasy cricket

Fantasy sports are on the rise in India. It is a vast market. New fantasy sports apps are coming to the market every day. Fans can choose their teams for the chance to win money, depending on the contest they pick and the investment they make. According to an IFSG-KPMG report, the Indian fantasy sports industry currently has over several players, with over 100 million players expected to play on one or more fantasy sports apps or platforms. In India, around 500 million people watch cricket online, and by 2022, there will likely be 600 million online users, with 50-60 per cent of them playing fantasy sports.

MyTeam11 is the most exciting fantasy cricket app for some passionate cricket lovers. At the same time, I can say many reasons to seek for best MyTeam11 alternatives in 2022. Let’s take a look at the best MyTeam11 options in 2022.

Best MyTeam11 Alternatives in 2022:

The MyTeam11 app is a viable option for all your fantasy sporting needs. However, more alternative apps like MyTeam11 provide more advantages and earning prospects. Below are the lists of best MyTeam11 alternatives for the fantasy cricket app. Let us have an overview of the top 5 those similar apps.

Best Apps like MyTeam11:

S.No.Fantasy App ListRating
 4Oyo Captain2.3
 5JS Bank Apni League3.4
 6Fantasy Dream11 Cricket Tips and Predictions4.0
 7Fanduel Fantasy Football3.5
 8Dream11 Free giveaway contests3.7
 9Cric Informer Dream11, MyTeam11 & Playerzpot tips3.6
 10Dream11 Private Contests2.9
 11Dream11 Tips and Predictions4.9
 12NRL Fantasy2.5
 13Mobile Premier League (MPL)3.8

MyTeam11 App – About:

MyTeam11 app is the second-largest fantasy sports app and the most trusted fantasy sports brand across India. It was launched in 2016 and presently acquires a user base of 18 million+ and a rating of 4.5/5. It is one of the sport-based growing platforms, with famous former India cricketer Virender Shewag as their brand ambassador. It has made a reputation for itself in a short period.

Advantages of MyTeam11:

MyTeam11 app is available in 9 different languages, ten major sports, quiz contests, exciting offers and bonuses for users to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily. It also has two modes like Safe Play and Regular Play or Normal mode. It is the only platform to offer such multiple playing options to its users.

  • Safe Play – Create teams and Join tournaments after playing 11 is out.
  • Regular Play or Normal Mode – It is a traditional way.

In the world of fantasy sports, MyTeam11 would be the first platform to offer a multi-language option to its users. The multi-language option was introduced in 2019. It has 9 Indian languages, including Tamil, English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati and Bengali. It also has an additional two sports – Rugby and Quiz.

Disadvantages of MyTeam11:

Team Composition is a disadvantage for the MyTeam11 app. Users can select players’ limits from 1-minimum and 4-maximum Wicket-Keepers, 2-6 batters, 1-6 all-rounders and 2-6 bowlers. But, in MyTeam11 similar apps-2022, the team composition ranges varied. It lacks the community features like ‘Feed’ and ‘Groups’.

Best Alternatives of MyTeam11:

In 2022, MyTeam11 will have a ferocious competition with the Dream11 fantasy sports app. We will first see one of the five best MyTeam11 Alternatives, which is astonishing and fantastic fantasy cricket. Thus Dream11 fantasy app ranks top of the best MyTeam11 alternatives with a score of 4.7 out of 5.

Alternative #1: Dream11 Fantasy App

Dream11 is the world’s largest fantasy sports platform with 12 crore+ users playing fantasy cricket, kabaddi, basketball, hockey, volleyball, handball, rugby, futsal, American football, and baseball. While playing this fantasy game, players can enjoy the spirit of sports but can also win real money, and it provides possibly the best sports experience to users. Dream11 is the flagship brand of Dream Sports-India’s leading Sports Technology Company and has partnerships with several national & international sports bodies and cricketers. Dream11 ropes Kartik Aaryan and Samantha Prabhu as brand ambassadors.

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The method of playing is simple, and users can use either Google or Facebook accounts to sign up and create a password. After signing up here, users can select their favourite players, put them on a team, win points and win real money at the end. User, who is good at predicting the outcome of any game, can invest a minimum amount in winning rewards. The more statistics you accumulate, the more points you earn. Everything is based on individual statistics, and the players who produce the best stats are the best players to have.

By inviting them, players can enjoy this game with their friends and family members. The fantasy game introduces a chat system that users can use to communicate with friends. The game lets them enhance their team-making skills to test in various matches.

Why Dream11 is Best MyTeam11 Alternatives?

To find out which of these two fantasy apps is better – Dream11 or MyTeam11- we will be testing each of these apps in the following categories:

  • Number of users
  • App Features
  • Fantasy Point System
  • Regular vs Safe Play
  • Team Composition

Number of Users: In 2022, Dream11 total users are 120 million+, but the MyTeam11 app is 18 million+ users. Dream11 is the most significant fantasy league website or app in India.

App Features: Both the app has an easy user interface. Dream11 app is an attractive home page. The home page presents the upcoming matches list. Users can join and play easily. And also, Dream11 has a section called ‘Feed’ and ‘Groups’, which is not available in the MyTeam11 app.

Fantasy Points System: The point system in both apps is quite similar. Each app gives 2x points for your captain and 1.5x points for your vice-captain. Dream11 and MyTeam11 will offer 1 point per run scored by a player. Dream11 rewards 25 points to bowlers for taking a wicket, while MyTeam11 offers only 22 points.

Regular vs Safe Play: Dream11 offers only ‘Regular Play’ while MyTeam11 provides stable and safe play.

Team Composition: Team composition means how many wicket-keepers, all-rounders, batsmen and bowlers – users can add to their fantasy team. Several fantasy platforms have different rules for team composition. In Dream11, every cricket team user can build 11 players, and a maximum of 7 players can be selected from any one of the teams.

Player TypeDream11MyTeam11

Advantages of Dream11:

  • Easy Money
  • Loads of Entertainment
  • Convenience-One
  • Easy selection
  • Dream11 is Authentic

Disadvantages of Dream11:

  • Heavy competition reduce chances of winning
  • Addiction
  • Consecutive losses can be discouraging
  • User can lose money quickly
  • Cash-out issues

Alternative #2: Halaplay Fantasy App

Halaplay is a fantasy sports game that allows players to play multiple sports-based games and win exciting cash prizes. It was founded in 2016, and its headquarters at Bangalore, India. It is another excellent application introduced by DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports). DFS are a subset of fantasy sports games. It efficiently empowers casual and series sports enthusiasts to play quick, enjoyable, and simple games to win exciting cash prizes in real-time. It rewards up to one crore every day to winners. It has a variety of unique features where users can earn real cash and have the damn fun of games.

It is one of the most stunning variants of fantasy sports where users can enjoy the creation of teams and different types of leagues and earn cash prizes at the end of the game. This fantastic platform consists of multiple sports-based games such as all formats of Cricket, kabaddi, Football, Tennis, and more. Other than these, users can enjoy English Premier League (EPL), World Cup, Euro Cup, Copa America, PKL, Champions trophy, La Liga, national & international league and all Indian Domestic leagues in Football. Halaplay ropes Krunal and Hardik Pandya as brand ambassadors.

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The method of playing is simple, and users can use either Google or Facebook accounts to sign up and create a password. After signing up here, the user can select a match, enter the league, pick players and start playing. There are three types of contests users can play in the Halaplay app.

  • Public Leagues – Anyone can join these contests, and users can play head-to-head, Grand leagues, Free entry leagues and more
  • Private Leagues – Users can create their private contests and invite and challenge their friends, family members, or colleagues to play with them. Instead of competing with strangers in public tournaments, you can compete amongst your friends by creating a private contest on this platform. 
  • Reverse Leagues – The user must aim to score the lowest points to beat the competition. While in regular fantasy sports competitions, you pick the best players according to your knowledge, you have to choose the ones you think will perform poorly in the match. For example, if your fantasy team’s captain scored positive points, your points will be halved. However, if the captain scored negative points, they are doubled! Choose your captain wisely in reverse fantasy in Halaplay.

Why Halaplay is best MyTeam11 Alternatives?

Number of Users: In 2022, Halaplay total users are two million+, but the MyTeam11 app is 18 million+ users. More people use the Halaplay fantasy app because of the low competition in league matches. 

App Features: Both the app has an easy user interface. Halaplay app is also similar to the Dream11 app. But, it doesn’t have a welcoming user interface with too many contests. It is not spontaneous and can be overwhelming to a new user.

Fantasy Points System: The point system in both apps is quite similar. Halaplay app gives 1 point for every run scored, 6 points for every six hits, 1 point for every 4 and 10 points for runs from 30 to 49. Point system may differ for T20, ODI and test formats of cricket and vary for football matches.

Regular vs Safe Play: There is no ‘Regular Play’ and ‘Safe Play’ method in Halaplay, while MyTeam11 offers both stable and safe play.

Team Composition: Team composition means how many wicket-keepers, all-rounders, batsmen and bowlers – users can add to their fantasy team. Several fantasy platforms have different rules for team composition. Halaplay has different rules for various sports. For example, the user cannot pick two goal-keepers for football but can choose 1-to 4 wicket-keepers in cricket. A total of 100 credit points to select 11 players in cricket.

Player TypeHalaplayMyTeam11

Advantages of Dream11:

  • Different types of Contests
  • Leaderboard
  • Quick withdrawals
  • Quiz and Gift shop

Disadvantages of Dream11:

  • Limited number of Sports
  • User-Interface
  • Addiction
  • Restrictions to download the app in some states of India – Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim and Nagaland cannot play for paid league. They can play for free league only.


MyTeam11 fantasy app is reasonable when compared to all other fantasy sports apps. But if the user is thinking of moving from MyTeam11 for some reason, I am sure you can pick anyone from the above mentioned best MyTeam11 Alternatives.

If you ask me to recommend the best one out of the 13 best MyTeam11 alternatives, I will go for the top rating app Dream11 fantasy. Hopefully, I pointed out all the features of the full two options of MyTeam11 similar apps-2022 here.

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