List of spinners in Indian team – #1 Current World Best Spinners

Ravichandran Ashwin tops the list of spinners in Indian team

So, we are here to talk about the world-famous spinners in the Indian team. As much as batsmen, the bowlers equally play an essential role in winning the match. There are two kinds of bowlers such as fast bowlers and spin bowlers. Fast bowling takes strength and speed to give tough competition to the opposition batters. On the other hand, Spin bowling takes the rapid rotation of the ball, which confuses the batsman. The ball varies from its regular course and spins its way on the field. These players are essential for the team to make it to the top.

List of spinners in Indian team:

Name of the playerWickets in ODIsWickets in Test matches
Anil Kumble271619
Subhash Gupte530 (fc matches)149
Harbhajan Singh269417
Ravichandran Ashwin152442
Bishen Singh Bedi7266
Erapalli Prasanna958 (fc matches)189
Bhagwat Chandrasekhar3242
Srinivas Venkataraghavan5156
Ravindra Jadeja188242
Yuzvendra Chahal104 84 (fc matches)

Best Spinner in all time:

When talking about spinners in the Indian team, we surely can not forget the leg-break spinner of all time, Anil Kumble. His bowling style was flat with high speed, not favoring opposite-team batters. He holds 619 wickets in test matches and 337 in One Day Internationals. He once managed to take all the ten wickets in one of the test matches he bowled. It is still a history of all time.

Who take highest wicket in spinners in ODI:

Did you make a guess already? Yes, I heard you! Muttiah Muralitharan from the Sri Lankan cricket team holds the highest wicket-taker in One Day International matches. Seeing the evolution of cricket over the years, bowling isn’t as easy as you think it is. There was a time they played cricket for days, but now it has been reduced to a T20 format.

So, the bowler’s role is significant in the match, to take a win. Muralitharan, a right-arm off-break spinner, has taken 1334 wickets totally in his cricket career. Of which, 800 were taken in the Test matches, whereas 534 were taken in ODI matches, which is still a record yet to be broken. It would be better if it were by spinners in the Indian team.

Top 10 highest wicket taker in ODI:

PositionName of the playerTeamMatches playedWickets taken
1M MuralitharanSri Lanka350534
2Wasim AkramPakistan356502
3Waqar YounisPakistan262416
4Chaminda VaasSri Lanka332400
5Shahid AfridiPakistan398395
6Shaun PollockAfrica303393
7Glenn McGrathAustralia250381
8Brett LeeAustralia221380
9Lasith MalingaSri Lanka226338
10Anil KumbleIndia271337

Top 3 spinners in Indian Cricket team:

How could we ever forget our Harbhajan Singh, the favorite right arm off-break spinner that came during Anil Kumble’s era? He took 417 wickets in Test matches and 269 wickets in One Day International matches. Kumble and Bhaji’s bowling duo terrorized the opposition batters.

Harbhajan took the lead spinner in ODIs, while Anil Kumble is still the best in the test matches. After the retirement of Kumble, Harbhajan Singh topped the list of spinners in Indian team. But his bowling history slowly slowed down while the IPL tournament was at its peak. He suddenly could not adapt to the T20 format, and Ravichandran Ashwin gradually replaced him.

Ashwin is an all-rounder and a right-arm off-break spinner on the Indian team. He has 593 wickets in both Test and One Day International matches. Ashwin keeps trying different bowling styles in the matches and delivers the ball in such a way to the batters, which undoubtedly helps in taking the wickets of the opponent team.
He created a name for his bowling tactic in IPL matches, which helped the team make its way to the top. He is a finger spinner, just like Ravindra Jadeja.

Amit Mishra was also one of the best spinners on the Indian team. Mishra was good at leg-spinning bowling and took the leading position after Anil Kumble. His total number of victims is 140, 76 in Test matches and 64 in One Day International matches. Mishra played only a few Test series matches, which hinders his chances of taking more wickets. The presence of other spinners in the Indian team reduced the opportunities to show off his furthermore talent.

Top notch spinner in Indian Cricket team:

As of now, I would vote for Ravichandran Ashwin to be the top-notch spinner of the team. Let’s not jinx him already, but him being in the proper form will always be a boon for the Indian Cricket team. After Kapil Dev, Ashwin is the second-highest wicket-taker in India. Anil Kumble, Kapil Dev, and Harbhajan Singh have taken more than four hundred wickets in Test series matches. And now, Ashwin has joined the clan, taking the fourth position. Compared with spinners of other teams, Ravichandran Ashwin takes ninth place in taking the highest wicket-taker in the Test matches.


There are different kinds, even spinners, such as Wrist Spinner, Finger Spinner, a Mystery spinner, leg-break spinner, and off-break spinner. They have their individuality, which contributes to winning the match for the team. Every move, every score, and the wicket is vital to one another in cricket. I hope this covers the details you have been searching for about the spinners in the Indian team.

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