Best cricket all rounder players in India – Verified till 2022

Aren’t you eager to know whether your favorite cricketer has been listed as India’s best cricket all-rounder player?

So, now we talk about the best cricket all rounder players in India, going way back to Lala Amarnath, and presenting favorite Ravindra Jadeja. So, the term ‘all-rounder’ explains itself. If we call someone an all-rounder, he is an expert in all sorts of skills in a particular line of work. And, when it comes to cricket, an ‘all rounder’ means a skilled player in batting, bowling, and fielding. It is not very common to find an all-rounder player every day, and they are rare and exceptional.

Best cricket all rounder players in India:

Let’s start from the time of Independence. If we are talking about India’s best cricket all-rounder players, then we should not forget the all-rounder player named Lala Amarnath. Most people might not know him, and he was the captain of the Indian team post-independence, and he is one of the legendary cricketers of his time.

We surely cannot forget our favorite cricketer, who is none other than Kapil Dev. Should I say more about him? As you all know, he is why India could win their first World Cup in the year 1983. Kapil Dev is not only a fast-medium bowler but also a hard-hitting batsman. If I start writing about Dev, the praises could go on and on because he is a revolutionary player. He is why Indian cricketers gained their respect among other nations. Kapil Dev is undoubtedly one of India’s best cricket all-rounder players.

Irfan Pathan deserves a place in the list of best cricket all rounder players in India. At the beginning of his cricket career, Pathan was expected to be the next Kapil Dev of the Indian cricket team. Pathan recorded a test-hattrick in the first three balls in a test match, and he is the first Indian bowler to make this record. With his left-arm bowling, Irfan Pathan caught the eyes of all the cricket lovers. The reason to call him a bowling all-rounder is because he can swing the ball both ways. His cricket career has seen many victories. With victories come expectations, but that did not end well for him.

Best All Rounder in Cricket History:

So, Kallis always comes first when listing the names of the best all-rounder in cricket history. Jacques Kallis from the South African team has the highest number of Man of the Match awards in the Test Cricket series. He is not only a batting all-rounder but also a bowling all-rounder who had set the stats so high for the upcoming cricket players. He enjoyed playing cricket for nineteen years (1995-2014) and retired from his cricket career, paving the way for the next generation of players. He is well-versed in ODI format, Test series, T20I, and IPL seasons. He, undoubtedly, was an all-rounder.

Imran Khan takes place in the best cricket all-rounder players list. This middle-order batsman captained the team and won the World Cup in 1992. Imran Khan’s playing partnership with Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram is still not forgettable by most cricket lovers of his era.

All time ODI All Rounder Rankings:

RankName of the playerTeamRating
1Kapil DevIndia631
2Greg ChappellAustralia568
3Andrew FlintoffEngland543
4Viv RichardsWest Indies532
5Lance KlusenerSouth Africa521
6Chris GayleWest Indies509
7Jacques KallisSouth Africa505
8Steve WaughAustralia502
9Shaun PollockSouth Africa494
10Imran KhanPakistan480

Top 10 All rounder in India team:

If we are specific about the present year, Ravindra Jadeja tops the list of best cricket all rounder players in IndiaHe has become one of the best multi-talent players for his way of fielding, bowling, and finishing off the matches. He has become the best in all three cricket formats, and he indeed completes the term ‘all rounder‘ by his actions in the matches. India needs a player like him in the team. His partnership with Ravichandran Ashwin is nothing but excellent. Both the players always give awestruck audience experience to their fans.

Ravichandran Ashwin is also one of the best cricket all rounder players in India. Ashwin caught the eyes of the cricket lovers with his spin bowling and gained the trust of former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Ashwin played for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL tournament, and that’s when he gained the deserved spotlight of his cricket career. Being a bowling all-rounder, Ashwin broke various Test records by his bowling. He terrorizes the opposite team’s batters with his bowling. Ashwin proved his batting capability by scoring centuries in test matches, and Ashwin takes dominance in Test matches, comparing ODI and T20 formats.


Rank Name of the playerMatches PlayedRunsWickets
1Kapil Dev3569031687
2Ravindra Jadeja2704613448
3Ravichandran Ashwin2363483615
4Vinoo Mankad442109162
5Ravi Shashtri2306938280
6Mohinder Amarnath154630278
7Manoj Prabhakar1698115226
8Hardik Pandya1192273113
9Irfan Pathan1732821301
10Lala Amarnath2487845


So, now we conclude with the best cricket all rounder players in India. This article does not mean that these players are only the best. Many more players are not mentioned in this post to keep it simple in terms of you. And there are many more yet to come in the upcoming years of the cricket world.

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