#1 Fastest Fifty Plus score in Indian Cricket – Latest Analysis

When we talk about the fastest fifty plus score in Indian cricket, we surely cannot forget our most memorable cricketer in the Indian Cricket History, none other than Kapil Dev. So, he is one of the batsmen to score the fastest fifty-plus score in Indian cricket. In one of the test matches, when playing against Pakistan, Kapil Dev scored 50 runs out of 30 balls, the fastest fifty-plus score in Indian cricket for a long time.

But recently in Indian cricket history, Rishabh Pant, when playing against Sri Lanka, has scored 50 runs in just 28 balls. Rishabh Pant, who is a left-handed batsman, has broken the long written history of Kapil Dev. Rishabh’s fans enjoyed the game when this batsman scored fifty within moments by scoring seven boundaries and two sixes.

Most fifty-plus scores in Indian cricket team

As we all know, Sachin Tendulkar holds the record for the most fifties hit by an Indian player in ODI. Sachin Tendulkar has played 664 international games in his period of time, out of which he has managed to score 164 international 50+ scores.

In ODI, he has 96 fifties, which is the most fifty plus score in the Indian cricket team. Sachin has scored 60 8/2 centuries in test matches. There is a reason why Sachin Tendulkar has a different place in our hearts always and forever.

Fastest Fifty Plus score in Indian Cricket

So now, we will see about the top five fifty plus scores in Indian cricket.

Next to Sachin, our favourite former Indian captain, Rahul Dravid comes on this list. Dravid, the right-handed batsman, has a total of 193 fifties to his name. Out of which 146 half-centuries have been scored in an international career. In which 63 have been scored in test cricket matches, and 83 have been scored in one-day international games.

Next comes our handsome former Indian team captain, Virat Kohli, in the list of most fifty plus scores in Indian cricket. He is called a test skipper because he has 188 Half centuries in international cricket. Out of which, 118 half-centuries and 70 centuries. Kohli has managed to score 27 fifties in test matches, 29 fifties in T20 International matches and 45 fifties in One Day International matches.

Sourav Ganguly takes fourth place in the most fifty plus scorer in Indian Cricket. With 107 half-centuries and 38 centuries, this left-handed batsman smacked the games in his era. Ganguly has scored 72 fifties in One Day International matches and 35 fifties in Test matches.

Our current Indian team captain Rohit Sharma has 124 half-centuries to his name so far. Rohit has scored 14 half-centuries in Test matches, 43 half-centuries in One Day International matches and 26 fifties in T20 International matches.

And how come can we forget our cool captain of all time, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, in this list. This wicket-keeper batsman has 124 half-centuries in total in his cricket career. Dhoni has scored 33 fifties in Test matches, 73 in One Day International matches and 2 in T20 International matches.

List of t20 fastest Fifties records by Indian team:

In the T20 cricket tournament, the fastest fifties record has been taken by many players so far in cricket history. Let’s see some of the most outstanding records as follows.

KL Rahul, a versatile batsman in the Indian cricket team, has scored his half-century in just 14 balls when playing for the Punjab team and has decided to take on the Delhi team with his quickfire fifty.

Next comes Yusuf Pathan, an ideal T20 player, in the list of fastest fifty plus scores in Indian cricket. In the year 2014, Yusuf Pathan was playing for the Kolkata team. When playing against the Hyderabad team, Yusuf Pathan has scored 50 runs in just 15 balls, which consist of seven sixes and five boundaries.

Sunil Narine, who played for the Kolkata team, is one of the best unorthodox opening batsmen. In one of the T20 premier league matches, Bangalore was on the opening team of Sunil Narine, in which he has scored his half-century in just 15 balls, which helped him give him the reputation he deserved.

We surely cannot forget our Suresh Raina talking about T20 premier league matches. In the year 2014, when Chennai was playing against the Punjab team in the semifinal match, Suresh Raina scored his half-century in just 16 balls. Raina Raina has scored 87 runs in total in that match, including 12 boundaries and six sixes. It was one of the game-changing fifty plus by the Indian player. It helps the Chennai team to reach a hundred in just six overs of the match.

5 Fastest 50s By An Indian Player in Test cricket:

Here we talk about the five fastest half-centuries by Indian players in test cricket.

In our list, Kapil Dev holds the first place. In 1982, Kapil Dev got 50 runs out of 33 balls in one of the test matches played against England, and he ended up going 89 runs in total out of 55 balls.

In the year 2008, India was playing a test cricket series against England, in which Virender Sehwag had managed to score 50 runs in just 32 balls. In that match, Sehwag scored 83 runs in total out of 16 balls, including 11 boundaries and four sixes.

In 2021, Shardul Thakur, who is the Mumbai all-rounder batsman, has managed to score 50 runs in just 31 balls. Thakur scored 57 runs out of 36 balls in the first innings of the match played against England.

And here comes our Kapil Dev‘s name once again in the fastest 50+ score in test cricket matches. And playing against Pakistan, Dev has managed to score 15 runs in just 30 balls, including 12 boundaries and 1 six. Even though his contribution went in vain because India lost the test match against Pakistan, Kapil Dev’s record is still written in history.

In recent cricket days, India played against Sri Lanka in a Test cricket series. Rishabh Pant has managed to score his half-century in this 31 balls, which added up to the list of fastest fifty plus scores in Indian test cricket.


These are our favourite unforgettable cricketer’s list, who took place in our hearts by their batting style and field for the team. The above-mentioned list of the fastest fifty plus score in Indian cricket wouldn’t just do justice to them because they have stolen our hearts to the most extent.

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