Top 3 Unbreakable Records In Cricket Bowling – A Best Power Packet Performances

Top 3 Unbreakable Records In Cricket Bowling Many records have been created throughout cricket history, and other players have broken many records. However, some records were unbeaten by any player throughout cricket history. These types of records are called unbreakable records in cricket. The players holding these records can say in vain that they hold … Read more

Top 5 Best Bowlers in Women’s Cricket ODI

Bowlers in Women's Cricket

Whether a batsman or a batswoman, they help you win the matches. On the other hand, bowlers help the team in winning the tournaments. Many such women bowlers have accuracy, pace, spin, swing, seam, and bounce skills. Let’s talk about the best bowlers in women’s cricket in this article. Top 5 Best Bowlers In Women’s ODI Cricket:  … Read more

Top 5 Best Six Hitters in Women’s Cricket

Best Six Hitters in Women's Cricket

Cricket is one of the famous sports of passion throughout the world. But women’s cricket is not as celebrated as men’s cricket, and their accomplishments are not praised as in men’s cricket. But women cricket players, like men cricket players, put in their hard work and effort in every match to break and set new … Read more

Top 5 Lowest Score In Test

Lowest Score In Test

Cricket is the most popular sport all over the world. Let’s look at the top 5 lowest score in Test cricket. Test, One-day international (ODI), and T20 are the three significant formats of cricket. The Test format is the oldest and most extended form of the game. It consists of two innings per team, with … Read more