List of Highest Opening Record in Indian Cricket History – #1 Indian Partnership

Highest Opening Record

India has a history of producing world-class batters. So here, you can find some of the exciting partnerships list of highest opening record in Indian cricket history. Several eras and generations have witnessed many world-class Indian batters bat together in opening partnerships. A good opening partnership is the best foundation for any team in any … Read more

Who is the best youngest Indian cricket Player? – Best 10 Players

youngest Indian cricket Player

Do you want to know who is the youngest Indian cricket player to score the highest runs in Indian cricket history? In 2012-to-2014, Vijay Hari Zol, a left-handed batsman from Maharashtra, scored 1404 runs in 36 matches, with four centuries and seven half-centuries. He takes the top first position in the youngest Indian cricket player record of India Under-19s. … Read more

#2 World best fielder in cricket

Cricket is the most popular sport all over the world. So here, let’s look at the list of the world’s best fielder in cricket. In cricket, batting and bowling are not the only essential things. Fielding is also important like the other two. Fielders, batters, and bowlers are the nucleus of the game of cricket. … Read more