Top 3 Best Captaincy Record in Cricket Test

Captaincy Record in Cricket

So, leading the cricket team is not as easy as you think. It involves many roles, such as handling pressure, situations, and teammates. Let’s talk about the top three best captaincy record in cricket as follows.  #1 GC Smith Graeme Craig Smith from the South African team tops the best captaincy record in cricket test. GC Smith captained … Read more

Top 3 Best Boundary Catches In ODI Cricket

Best Boundary Catches

Cricket is becoming faster by the day, and the fielding class has massively improved. In cricket, batting and bowling are not the only essential things. Fielding is also important, like the other two. Fielders, batters, and bowlers are the nucleus of the game of cricket. The proverb ‘catches win matches’ has often been proved in … Read more

Top 3 Smartest Cricketer In The World

Smartest Cricketer

Regarding cricket, players need to act smart and quick, whether limited over format matches or test cricket. Such smartest cricketers are always positioned at the team’s captaincy or senior leadership role. These smartest cricketers have some positivity, enthusiasm, encouraging capability, and ability to act according to the situation, which would help the other team players play on the path … Read more