Top 3 Unbelievable 4 Wickets In A Row in T20 Cricket

In cricket, many technical terms are used to define specific events during the game. If a bowler attempts a run-out without bowling, it is called Marketing. Likewise, when a bowler takes a series of consecutive wickets, then they are termed in different words.

When a bowler takes three consecutive wickets, it is called a Hat Trick. It is called a four-wicket haul if a bowler takes 4 wickets in a row. In ODI and test series four, wicket haul is not given much importance, but in T20 cricket, it is considered one of the critical achievements a bowler can have. That is because, in T20, a bowler can bowl only a maximum of 4 overs in a game.

Has Any Bowler Taken 4 Wickets In A Row?

Throughout cricket history, only 4 wickets in a row have been taken by only six bowlers. And in the international standards, this feat was done only by one bowler. The one to take 4 wickets in a row is Sri Lankan Lasith Malinga.

Who would have thought that an easy winning game for South Africa would become a very close win in just one over? In the super eight of World Cup 2007, South Africa faced Sri Lanka, in which the first batted Sri Lanka scored 210 runs.

On chasing the score, South Africa was 206 for losing five wickets. Everyone who has watched the game would have thought that this was a done deal for South Africa since they are just a boundary away from victory.

But Sri Lanka’s pace bowler Lasith Malinga had other ideas because, in the 45th over, Malinga started striking such that he took Shaun Pollock and Andrew Hall in the final two balls of the over. Again in the 47th over, when three runs were needed to win for the South Africans, Malinga struck.

In the 47th over, Malinga dismissed the inform settled Opening Batsman Jacques Kallis for 86 runs. This gave great hope to the Sri Lankans. Can their ace bowler take them to the next phase of the world cup? This hope was solidified when he took Makhaya Ntini in the very next ball.

However, with only one wicket and two runs to defend and their ace bowler Lasith Malinga who was bowling at another level Sri Lankas was happy that they could win this game. Unfortunately, in the very end, South Africa won the game by just one wicket.

Which Bowler Holds The Record Of Most 4 Wicket Haul In Odi?

In cricket history, there have been many four-wicket hauls we have seen. A 4 wicket haul is not equal to taking 4 wickets in a row. 4 wicket hauls are when a bowler takes four wickets in a single inning. In that list, the bowler in the top position with the most four-wicket hauls is Waqar Younis.

In his cricket career (1989 – 2003), Waqar Younis has taken 27 4-wicket hauls. This was an outstanding achievement from a veteran Pakistani bowler. In his career, he has played in 262 matches and has taken 416 wickets. Sri Lankan veteran Muthaiah Muralitharan surpassed this wickets record.

This four-wicket haul by Waqar Younis could not be broken by the legend Muralitharan. Sri Lankan veteran Muralitharan fell short of 2 four-wicket hauls to tie with Waqar Younis for the most four-wicket haul in ODI.

Top 3 Bowlers With Most 4 Wickets In T20 Cricket

In the T20 standards taking four wickets haul in a single game is very rare compared to other formats of the game. In T20, a bowler can bowl only four overs in one game, so the period in which he can take wickets also gets less. So instead of looking for 4 wickets in a row, let’s look at the top 3 bowlers with the most four-wicket haul in the T20 format.

Umar Ghul

Former Pakistan bowler Umar Ghul takes first place in the most four-wicket hauls in T20 cricket. In his lustrous career ( 2007 – 2016 ), Ghul has played in 60 T20 games and taken 85 wickets to help his team. In those wickets, he has taken six four-wicket hauls in his career. This is the highest number of 4 wicket haul by any player in T20 Internationals.

Rashid Khan

In the number 2 position of a player with the most four-wicket hauls in T20I, we have Rashid Khan. In a short period since he started playing international leagues, Rashid Khan has already taken 6 four wicket hauls. With many more years to perform in the international standards, Rashid Khan has more chances to replace Umar Ghul from the top position of the table.

Shakib al Hassan

In the third place, we have Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib al Hassan. Shakib has taken 6 4 wicket hauls in the T20 international game in his long career; however, he has taken a long time to achieve this feat. Even though he takes one more four-wicket haul and replaces Umar Ghul, he will be easily replaced by Rashid Khan, who has a long journey ahead of him.

Most 4 Wickets In An Innings In Test Cricket

The player to take the most number of 4 wicket haul in test cricket is none other than Sri Lankan veteran Muralitharan. In his lustrous career, Muralitharan has played in 133 matches and bowled in 230 innings.

In test series, achievements like a four-wicket haul are not huge, considering the number of overs each bowler will be bowling in a game. Even so, Muralitharan has taken 89 4-wicket hauls in test matches. It must be noted that these four-wicket hauls are the total of wickets he took in a match, not 4 wickets in a row.

Is Any India Player Taken 4 Wickets In A Row?

As we discussed earlier, 4 wickets in a row were achieved by only six bowlers. Lasith Malinga has done this four consecutive wickets twice on the international stage. At the same time, Andre Russel has taken 4 wickets in a row against India A in first-class cricket.

Al-Amin Hossain of Bangladesh took four consecutive wickets in a domestic T20 game, becoming the 2nd player to achieve this feat in the T20 format of the game. Other players who took 4 wickets in a row are Alfonso Thomas of Somerset took four consecutive wickets in County Championship 2014 against Sussex.

Kevan James took 4 wickets in a row against India in the practice match leading to the 3rd test in the test series of India tour of England 1996. Also, the sixth person to take 4 wickets in a row is Gary Butcher, who did for Sussex in 2000.

So with just six bowlers having achieved this precious and rare record, there is not yet an Indian bowler to take 4 wickets in a row. However, team India is currently sporting some of the best bowlers the team has ever seen, so the name of the Indian bowler entering this list is not far away.


When we think about hat tricks in cricket, we can remember many hat trick wickets that many bowlers have achieved. But this 4 wickets in a row is a very specific record that has been very tough to achieve; however, he has come to know that six bowlers have achieved this in cricket history.

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