Will Warner be Back in Action in the second Phase of IPL 2021

For the fans of Sunrisers Hyderabad there is a huge good news. It is none other than the return of David Warner to the playing XI. In the midst of a tough competition David Warner was sacked by the SRH team and removed from the playing xi.

During the first phase of the IPL 2021, SRH was lead by David Warner. For the past half decade Warner has been taking SRH into the playoffs consistently. It was this year that Warner was struck with some performance issues. It cant be said that he didn’t score run on the board. It is the speed at which he scored the run has left his side in a depleted manner.

As a result SRH management sacked him and removed him from the playing xi and put him on the bench. After Warner the captains cap was given to Kane Williamson who led his team to next defeat. When Warner was shown carrying water bottle to cool of his team it really created a turmoil among the fans because Warner has created a huge fan base in the past decade by consistently playing in IPL.

Now in the second phase of IPL many foreign players have requested to be removed from the team due to the on going pandemic issue. As a result SRH is in short of in form foreign player. Even thought the last known match that Warner played is still in the first phase of IPL 2021. It has to be seen will he play for SRH in the second phase of IPL. Another huge question will be how will Warner handle Williamson in the helm instead of him.

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