Teams That can Qualify for Playoffs This Year in IPL 2021

With the resumption of IPL 2021 the race for the top of the table to play in the playoffs has been very tough. With half the tournament already over still there is no clear cut evidence of which team will be able to play in the playoffs of this series.

In the second phase of the IPL 2021 so far the teams that have been performing well are Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals. Remaining teams are still struggling to come up with a good strategy to outsmart their opponents. Most importantly the defending champions MI are having rough time to come up with a win in this second phase of IPL 2021.

The team with highest possibility to end up in the playoff is Delhi Capitals. In the 10 games they have played DC has easily won 8 games and are in the top of the table with 16 points. In the remaining 4 games DC has to win at least one game to qualify for the playoffs. With 1 required from 4 games DC are comfortable with their performance in this tournament.

Another team which is sure to get qualified for playoffs this year will be Chennai Super Kings. With 9 matches played CSK has won 7 games and scored 14 points with good net run rate. With CSK were to win today’s game then they will automatically top the table by pushing DC down. It has to be noted that CSK are roaring proudly in the second phase of the tournament.

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