List Of 3 Most Runs In Single Over Ever Scored – Top Class Performances

In cricket history, there have been many shocking turns of events that have excited the audience. It can be a hat trick wicket followed by giving no runs or number of balls taken to get his first run, or the maximum run a bowler has given in a single over.

This article lets us see the most runs in single over given by a bowler. When we speak about the most runs conceded in a single over, we have to speak about the batsman that has achieved that milestone.

 What are the most runs scored in one over?

Instead of taking only international cricket to find this feat, let us widen our scope by including all types of cricket games like first class, domestic and other cricket that are played till now in cricket history. Because when we speak about the most runs scored in an over, we have to look at all these formats.

In 1990 during the Shell Trophy tournament between Wellington and Canterbury, the match was going in the way of a draw. When there were only two overs and the opponent had to get 95 runs to win the game, this bizarre event occurred.

In the penultimate over of the first class cricket Bert Vance took the ball to push their opponent, but that was the long slope that Wellington slipped into. Vance started the over by bowling a no-ball; however, the batsman didn’t take the bite.

After that, Vance bowled a legal delivery which was smashed for a boundary. After this, Vance bowled 16 no-balls, resulting in 8 sixes and five boundaries. These no-balls by trout were considered a deliberate attempt to sabotage his team.

Vance had his leg way outside the crease during these no-ball deliveries, which raised a question about whether Vance was deliberately bowling these no-balls. By the end of the over, Vance has bowled 22 deliveries.

A single over with 22 deliveries in which 17 were no balls. Yes, you have calculated it correct. There were only five legal deliveries in the over because the umpires at that time had lost track of the legal deliveries and announced that the over had been completed with five just five legal deliveries.

With eight sixers, six boundaries, and five singles, the Canterbury has scored 77 runs in a single over. This record is the highest score of runs conceded in a single over in all formats of cricket in the history of cricket.

List of 3 most runs scored in a single over

When discussing the most runs in single over, we have already discussed Bert Vance, who gave away 77 runs with just five legal deliveries. Let’s take the listing to who scored most runs in single over apart from Bret Vance.

H Morley (62 Runs)

This event occurred during the match between Tourists and Gargett in the 1668/69 minor league. In the game, R Grubb of Gargett bowled to H Morley of Tourists in which he gave away 62 runs. This was at the top of the single over the highest run.

Morley blasted 9nine sixers and two boundaries to tally 62 runs in that over. Grubb has bowled four no balls in the over, which tallies up to 10 balls being bowled in the over.

M Hockney (48 Runs)

This is the second single over highest run in cricket and happened in minor league 1952/53. In the game between Clare Blues and Mintaro in Adelaide, M Hockney blasted 48 runs in a single over. He has hit eight sixers to achieve this humongous score, and it can be said that he dealt with sixers in that over.

T Nillson (48 Runs)

This event took place in the Australian domestic league during 1961/62. This also can be said that the batsman dealt will all the balls with sixers. In the nine balls he faced, the batsman T Nillson blasted eight sixers to score 48 runs in a single over. This stands as the 3rd highest single-over score in cricket history.

Top 3 most runs scored in T20 cricket.

So far, we have discussed the overall highest score in a single over. Now let us see the popular format of cricket. Since T20I is a very short game, batsmen tend to score as many runs as possible in a shorter period. Let us see the top 3 most runs in single over in T20 cricket.

Yuvraj Singh (36 Runs)

In the most runs in single over list Stuart Broads’ 36 runs are the most memorable. It happened during the inaugural T20I world cup event during India vs England match, and India’s Yuvraj Sigh went berserk on Stuart Broad to hit six sixers of the over.

The more memorable event will be this came as revenge for the fight that Yuvraj and Flintoff had during the overs break. After that fight, Broad was given the ball to contain India’s run, but Yuvraj Sigh had other ideas.

He smashed Stuart Broads’ ball in all directions of the ground. To date, Yuvraj’s 36 runs of 6 balls against Stuart Broad stands at the top of the most runs in single over in T20 cricket.

Keiron Pollard (36 Runs)

This happened in more recent timing. It happened during the Sri Lanka tour of West Indies in which Keiron Pollard punished Sri Lankan Bowler Dananjaya, and pollard smashed sixers in Dhananjaya over to tie the first place with Yuvraj Singh.

Tim Seifert (34 Runs)

The third place in the most runs in single over in T20 cricket goes to Sivam Dube of India. In the India tour of New Zealand in 2020, Seifert and Taylor of New Zealand combinedly smashed 34 runs from the over of Sivam Dube. This list is the only most runs in single over achieved by two batsmen.

Who gave the most runs in ODI Cricket?

After looking at the T20 most runs in single over listings, it is obvious to check out who tops the top 3 positions in the ODI for most runs in single over the record.

Daan van Bunge (36 Runs)

This table-topping record also took place during the world cup event. During the 2007 World cup, South Africa squared off against Netherland. During this match, the South African powerhouse Herschelle Gibbs blasted Daan van Bunge to 36 runs in a single over. Gibbs achieved this by firing six sixers in that one over.  

Gaudi Toka (36 Runs)

The second place in the most runs in single ODI is also tied with 36 runs. This event occurred during the Papua New Guinea V United States of America series in 2021. During the game, Jaskaran Malhotra of the United States of America smashed six sixers of Gaudi Toka to tie with Gibbs’ record. In this game, Malhotra has scored an unbeaten 173 runs off 124 balls.

Robin Peterson (35 Runs)

In the third place for most runs in single over, we have the 35 runs scored by Thisara Perera. In the South Africa tour of the Sri Lanka ODI match, Sri Lanka has dominated the host. During this time, Perera blasted 35 runs off Robin Pieterson in the losing cause.

Who hit the most runs in one over in a test?

This event took place more recently in the India tour of England game. With all the Covid problems going around the game, India faced England in the test series. The incredible knock by Indian pace bowler Jasprit Bumrah was executed during this game.

In this game, Jasprit Bumrah has smashed 35 runs in a single over bowled by Stuart Broad of England. We have previously seen how Yuvraj Singh smashed six sixers of Stuart Broad’s bowling in the T20I world cup, and now this event has tarnished the bowling capability of Stuart Broad.

In the lengthy game format, like test games conceding 35 runs off a single over is a significant black remark for the bowler. However, being at the top of most runs in single over record in two formats is a massive blow to the confidence of Stuart Broad.


As we always say, cricket is a most unpredictable game, and the above article proves that. In the discussion of most runs in single over, we have seen batsmen demolishing the best bowler of a team to 36 runs, and we have also seen a bowler blasting the best bowler of opposition to 35 runs in a single over. So this shows anything can even happen to the best of the player on any given day.

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