Matches you Should Not Play in Dream11

Dream11 is a unique game that makes you use your mind and passion over a game to win huge money. Over the year there are lots of users that have started playing Dream11 and got success. But the ratio of winners and losers in Dream11 is slightly tipped towards the failure. The losers in Dream11 might have had a great team with them but they might have invested in a bad match. For those who are having a tough time deciding which match to choose from do follow the below tips.

How to Choose a high winning Dream11 match?

What everyone does commonly is that they tend to select a Cricket match that is more popular like India vs South Africa. The problem that we face in these matches is that all the top players are with credits 9 and above so choosing a team with all top players is not possible. When leaving out one or two top players to create a team, there is a high possibility of that left out player performing well and he is in the other teams.

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Matches you Should Not Play in Dream11-1

So concentrate more on domestic games like Ranji Trophy, Sayed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy and much more.

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When you are playing in Football and Basketball always choose the match that has one team marked as the winner. Sometimes the table topper will be paired with the table bottom team in that match you can surely put huge amounts to have huge winning. But be cautious about the league you play in because some other players too may follow the same tips to win high.

Hockey is concerned to make note of the team that has more changes in the playing XI because that tends to throw other players in your league off their game. So try to find out the hockey lineups in their official pages. Hockey lineups are released 4 hours prior to the game so we will have more time to choose the players and create a team.

Follow these steps to have a successful Dream11 campaign and win huge money in the fantasy game. In case you need Dream11 Prediction please follow our telegram channel in which we provide free predictions as well as free tips on which match to play in Dream11.

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