#1 What Is The Limited Over In Cricket?

Cricket game is the most popular sport all over the world. One-day international (ODI), Test, and T20 are the three major formats of cricket. The Test format is the oldest and longest form of cricket, which tests the mental and physical toughness of the cricket players. Currently, the duration of the Test format of cricket is five days. The ODI cricket format is a limited-overs cricket, currently 50 overs per innings. The T20I cricket format is also a limited-overs cricket – 20 overs per innings. So here, you will find a detailed view of limited over in cricket. Let’s look at the limited over series in cricket.

What Is The Limited Over Series In Cricket?         

Limited over series in cricket is defined as all the matches generally starting and completed in a single day. It is also known as one-day cricket or white-ball cricket. It has four formats of limited over in cricket, including One-Day Internationals (ODI) format, Twenty20 (T20I) format, List A cricket, and the new 100-ball format. The bond that links all four formats of limited over in cricket is that the overs are restricted.

The ODI format of a game lasts up to 9 hours, the List-A format of cricket lasts up to 8 hours, the T20I format lasts up to 3 hours, and the 100-ball format lasts up to 2.5 hours.

Who Started Limited Overs Cricket?

Early cricket was invented in 1799 in South-East England. ‘CRICKET’ stands for Customer Focus, Respect for Individual, Integrity, Community Contribution, Knowledge Worship, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Teamwork Business.

The inaugural match of the first limited 50-over cricket of the All India Pooja Cricket tournament was played in 1951 at Tripunithura in Kochi, Kerala. KV Kelappan Thampuran, a former cricketer and the first secretary of the Kerala Cricket Association, gave the idea for the one-day match.

Mike Turner started limited overs cricket. In May 1962, the first limited over in cricket tournament was played between first-class English teams. The tournament name was the Midlands Knock-Out Cup, and it was organized by Mike Turner, secretary of the Leicestershire County Cricket Club. This limited-over tournament played with 65-over per innings.  

In 1971, the first international limited over in cricket or ODI international match was played in Melbourne. In 2003, the first international T20 cricket was played in England. 

How Many Overs Are Allowed In Limited Overs Cricket?

In the early days of the ODI format of cricket, the number of overs was generally 60 overs per side, and matches were played 65-over, 55-over, 50-over, 45-over, and 40-over matches during domestic and international tournaments.

But now, it has been uniformly fixed as 50 overs per side. The ODI international cricket has 50 overs per side in one-day, and the T20 international cricket has 20 overs per side. The ICC bought this new format to make cricket more exciting and attract new audiences.

The ODI is the longest format of limited over in cricket, and T20I is the shortest format of limited over in cricket. In the ODI format, bowlers are limited to ten overs.

Below is the current List of overs in limited-overs cricket.

S.NO.Limited over in cricket formatNo. of overs (per side)
1.One Day International (ODI)50 Overs
2.Twenty20 (T20I)20 Overs
3.Indian Premier League (IPL)20 Overs
4.100-ball cricket100 balls

What Is The Difference Between Test Match Cricket And Limited Over Cricket?

S.NO.Type of differencesTest Match CricketLimited Over Cricket (ODI & T20I)
1.Kits players wearPlayers wear the traditional white dressesPlayers wear the respective team or color dresses
2.Ball TypeRed-BallWhite-Ball
3.Match Duration5-daysOne-day
4.No. of OversAt least 90 overs bowled per day50 overs – ODI 20 overs – T20I
5.Overs Restrictions of BowlingA bowler can bowl ‘n’ number of overs. There is no restriction.ODI Matches– A individual bowler can bowl a maximum of 10 oversT20I Matches-  A individual bowler can bowl a maximum of 4 overs
6.No. of InningsTwo innings per teamOne innings per team

Any Limited Over Series Was Played By Team India?

Yes, the limited over series was played by team India. Indian team played several limited over in cricket. They won many limited over series tournaments in cricket, and they have won 5 ICC major tournaments. They won the ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup tournament twice in 1983 and 2011, the ICC T20 World Cup tournament in 2003, and the ICC Champions Trophy twice in 2002 and 2013.

In the current ranking list of ICC, the Indian team holds the third position in ODI and the first position in T20I formats.   

Rules Of Limited Over Series In Cricket

One Day International (ODI):

In the modern day of cricket, the ODI format has 50 overs per side. The ODI game lasted up to 9 hours. The bowling side innings have 3.5 overs only. They have to finish those 50 overs of bowling, or there can be penalties if they don’t achieve this.

There is only one scheduled break in the ODI format. Cricket players will break for 45 minutes and take place between innings. After 45 minutes, the second innings of the match will be played.

Twenty20 International (T20I):

The T20I format of cricket has 20 overs per side. It lasted up to 3 hours (180 minutes). Each of the two innings is allotted a 90-minute duration. It also has one scheduled break of just 10 minutes, and this takes place between the two innings. It is the shortest format and fast-paced version of the limited over in cricket. 

In IPL, there is room for time-outs for about 2.30 minutes. But, T20I format, there is no provision for time-outs.


In some of the limited-over matches, the match may draw or tie. During that case, a Super-Over match will be played. It is nothing, but both the teams will play for a one-over innings with two wickets in hand. If Super-over is also tied, then another super-over match will be played. 

Best Limited Over Series Cricket Match

On April 29th-2007, in Friends Provident Trophy 50-overs, the world record for the highest innings total in List-A limited-overs series, Surrey team scored 496 runs with a loss of 4 wickets against Gloucestershire in Oval, London. This was one of the best-limited overs series cricket matches.


We hope the above article will help you discover what is limited over series in cricket. And also, we discussed who started limited over in cricket, the number of overs in limited overs cricket, the differences between Test and limited over in cricket, the Indian team played limited overs series, the rules of the limited over series, and the best limited over series in a cricket match. So do look at the above article, about the detailed view of the limited over series in cricket.

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