How to get Fantasy predictions for IPL

Dream11 is working hard to get a number of users into their game for this IPL. Last year Dream11 was a major sponsor for India’s biggest cricket festival. After that Dream11 has grown much larger in its user base. So they may release many new features for this IPL too. In case you have no idea how to play in Dream11 do not fret we are here for you. We at ProTeamMaker provide free fantasy predictions for IPL.

Creating a prediction for IPL is not a task like creating for any other tournament. Basically, to create a high winning ratio dream team the process is very tough but we have been providing free fantasy predictions for IPL since last season. We have a huge fan base who joined our telegram channel exclusively to get more updates on all other tournaments that are available in Dream11.

If you look at our site we not only provide free fantasy predictions for IPL, we also provide predictions for all the football tournaments, any new cricket tournaments and any tournaments that are available in Dream11. Even if the game is released 2 hours prior to the start of the game you can find our most reliable dream teams in 30 minutes.

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