Deepak Hooda under Scanner for Match Fixing

In a shocking turn of events Deepak Hooda has came under the scrutni of BCCI Anti Corruption team. Prior to his match against Rajastan Royals Deepak Hooda shared a picture of him with helmet on. This has lead to the BCCI taking notice weather this may be an intentional leak of the playing XI.

Shabir Hussein Shekhadam Khandwawala the head of Anti Corruption Unit has been keeping close eye on the biggest league in cricket, Indian Premier League. It looks like Deepak Hooda has breached the ACU and BCCI guideline regarding anti corruption and the ACU has been looking in to it to confirm the breach of lease.

ACU has said there has been clear guideline on Dos and Donts for the players to do in social media. This action of Deepak Hooda has been clearly mentioned under the Don’ts column. It has to be seen how the ACU will take action against this up and coming youngster. Hooda has been playing as a all rounder for Punjab in the 2021 edition of IPL.

This shows how close ACU has been following IPL 2021 to keep the essence of the game intact. This will be a warning to lot of players in IPL 2021. In recent times many players have came under this scrutiny in order to keep the essence of the game intact.

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