Best strategy to make huge money in Dream11 by playing GL

Over the last 2 years, Dream11 has concurred almost everyone’s mobile over time. People are flocking in huge number to register in Dream11. The only reason for this mass registration is due to the opportunity to earn huge money online. Dream11 is the best fantasy game available online. We have come to this conclusion after comparing all other fantasy websites and deciding that Dream11 has a low entry fee and has high winning ratio. If you disagree with us feel free to let us know your comments. We are always trying to make is better and give the best service to you.

Best Dream11 GL Strategy

Previously we have released the best strategy to win huge money in the Dream11 by playing SL. Today let us see the best strategy to make huge money in GL. There are certainly a few huge changes in the GL team compared to the SL team.

In the SL team we tend to create a team with all safe players but to win huge in GL we need to have one or two wild card players.

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Wild Card Players – These are the type of player who you have fewer data and uncertain about how he or she will perform in the game. It was these players that tend to change the course of the league completely. For example, we know that Keiron Pollard is a power hitter but we also know he is a loose ball, the day he performs is unpredictable. Likewise, we need a player that no one can predict to win huge in the GL.

Is joining of the league timing is important?

Definitely Yes. In the past, we used the advice that joining of the league timing is not an important factor in winning huge money in Dream11. But when we consider GL, it has more players so we need to strategically place our selves in a team with players with low quality of GL team. To do so join a GL a good 5 to 6 hours before the start of the deadline. Because the players joining at this time will be an experienced player or a new one who is eager to see what Dream11 is made of. Either way, you will have only fewer strong competition to breakout.

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Also, don’t join multiple leagues at the same time because doing so will result in the same set of competitors which will be a huge setback. By joining in time intervals you give your self a chance to avoid strong players and win huge money. Also, don’t forget to join our telegram channel in which we provide free dream11 predictions after the announcement of the lineup. So that you can either replace your team with ours or change one or two players.

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Follow all the steps mentioned to win hug money Dream11. This GL Strategy is tested and proved that it is reliable and works by our very own team.

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