Top 5 Best Finisher In Cricket History

Shh! Do you want to know who is number one on the list of the top 5 best finisher in cricket history?

Among many other sports, cricket holds many fans and lovers, as it brings joy and excitement even till the end of the game. Many crazy cricket fans would always enjoy the match till the last moment. Matches that are played till the last over or last ball always stay in our hearts as an unforgettable memory. 

Not all batsmen can handle pressure at the last moment, and few such best finisher in cricket hold a special place and memory in my heart with how they closely finish the match. The batsman who can handle pressure in such an attractive manner and contribute to winning the game for the team is called the best cricket finisher. Let’s see the list of the top 5 best finisher in cricket history as follows: 


Michael Hussey from the Australian team was called “Mr Cricket” because of his calm nature, expert match knowledge and finisher. Hussey played as a middle-order batsman for the Australian team and an opening batsman for Chennai Super Kings. 

Hussey has participated in a total of 79 test matches, in which he has scored 6235 runs, with 195 runs being the highest in his test cricket career. He has participated in a total of 185 ODI matches, in which he scored 5442 runs, with 109 being the highest in his ODI cricket career.

In 2006, Hussey was the top-ranked batsman in the world in the ODI format. No one can easily forget the Australian innings against the team Pakistan, where 18 runs were required in the last over. Ajmal from Pakistan was spin bowling at Michael Hussey, and this left-handed batsman smashed the balls into sixes, making the team win; This is just one such incident, as there are many. Hussey, being a catastrophic player, is the reason why he is one of the best finisher in cricket. 


Shahid Afridi, the former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, has become famous because of his destructive batting skills. Afridi, the record holder of the highest sixes in ODI cricket history, can turn the game to his favour from the moment he enters the field. Afridi can easily manage challenging moments and handle last-moment pressure by finishing the game in the popularity of Pakistan in most cases. 

Afridi is the best finisher in cricket because he can pull up the game from any horrible situation by throwing up some sixes at the ground, even in the last-moment matches. Our unforgettable memory of Shahid Afridi would be the match in the Asia Cup against India, where he hit two consecutive sixes bowled by the best spinner of the team, Ashwin. Afridi, just, as usual, helped the Pakistan team to win the game with his close finishing. 

Shahid Afridi has played 27 test matches, in which he scored 1716 runs, with 156 being the highest in his test cricket career. On the other hand, he participated in a total of 398 ODI matches, in which he scored 8064 runs, with 124 being the highest in his ODI cricket career. He played 99 T20 International games, scoring 1416 runs in total. 


Undoubtedly, Michael Bevan from the Australian team is one of the best finisher in cricket because he chased targets as if they were nothing. He played for Australia from the year 1994 to 2004. Bevan faced three world cups in his career, and he played a vital role in taking two victories, without any doubt.

Bevan has represented Australia in 232 ODI matches, in which he has scored 6912 runs, with 108 not out being the highest in his ODI cricket career. If we look at the test matches stats, he participated in 18 test matches, in which he scored 785 runs, with 91 being the highest. 

This left-handed batsman is why the term ‘The Finisher’ exists now. Because he played in such a manner, finishing the game under pressure is an art, and it came in flow for him quickly. Michael Bevan had many ridiculous innings in ODI, where he played as an awe-inspiring best finisher in cricket. 


AB de Villiers, a South African middle-order rounder batsman, is one of the best finisher in cricket. He is known as “Mr.360” because of his brilliant batting skills. He was the only batsman to have an average above 50, with a strike rate of 100+. Villiers chased the targets as cool as ice. 

AB de Villiers has played 114 test matches, in which he has scored 8765 runs, with 278 not out being the highest in his test cricket career. On the other hand, he took part in a total of 228 ODI matches, in which he has scored 9577 runs, with 176 runs being the highest. 

Being the ridiculous batsman, Villiers has broken many records and created one of his own. Villiers was elected as the ICC ODI Player of the Year award thrice. Being the best finisher in cricket, AB de Villiers won many matches for South Africa in all three formats. 


The first position in the list of the best finisher in cricket has been held by MS Dhoni, our former cool captain. He captained the Indian team in limited-overs formats from 2007 to 2017. On the other hand, he was captained in Test cricket format from 2008 to 2014. Thala Dhoni is the only captain to win all the ICC trophies during his cricket career. 

MS Dhoni is known for finishing the game in death overs, reading the field, and batting most destructively. Dhoni aims at the bowler’s weakness, vitalizing the opposing team to make mistakes, which helps turn points of the game and leads to victory. 

As a game-changing batsman and best finisher in cricket, MS Dhoni has helped India take many victories on various occasions. He is not only known for his best finishing capability but also for his best captainship. 

MS Dhoni has played 90 test matches, scoring 4876 runs, with 224 being the highest. Dhoni has participated in 350 ODI games, in which he scored 10773 runs, with 183 not out being the highest in his ODI cricket career. He has participated in 98 T20I matches, in which he scored 1617 runs, with 56 being the highest. 

During his captaincy period, Dhoni made the Indian team win numerous ODI and T20 International matches, which is still a record in cricket history. Under his captaincy, India took the most back-to-back wins in ODI format matches. Dhoni held the ICC Player of the Year award in 2008 and 2009, being the best finisher in cricket. 

World No 1 Best Finisher In Cricket:

Who do you think is the world’s no one best finisher in cricket? It is none other than MS Dhoni. Who do you think is the king of finishers? It is our Thala Dhoni. The question may vary, but the answer will still be the same. He gave the word “Finisher” its deserving power and glory. 

He has faced many near-death run chases in his career. Let’s see, for instance, like in the tri-series final match in Adelaide in the year 2012, when Clint McKay bowled in the last over. Or in 2013, when Suranga Lakmal bowled in the last over of the tri-series final, where Dhoni scored 13 runs. Or in many final overs against the matches with Pakistan. 

For being the best batsman and best finisher in cricket, not only fours and sixes would help, but also singles and doubles. He always followed this mantra, which is why he is called the “God of Finishers”. 

Best T20 Finisher In India:

As for the current Indian cricket team, two cricketers can be named the best t20 finishers in India. First one is Hardik Pandya. He is one of the most reliable finishers in T20 format matches, and Pandya has a serious ball-striking capacity. In death overs, he hits the ball with great power, making him dangerous. The second-best t20 finisher in the Indian team is Ravindra Jadeja. Jadeja has proved his capability in batting, bowling, and fielding, making him the perfect all-rounder of the group. He is not only the team’s main player but also the best finisher in cricket. 


It is a proud moment when talking about our Thala Dhoni as the world’s best finisher in cricket. His fans would do anything crazy to watch him again hold the bat in ODI matches. 

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