Top 3 Best Batsman In Women’s Cricket

Before You Go, Check The Top 3 Best Batsman In Women’s Cricket!

Cricket has been played among male batsmen for a long time, but only from the 19th century has another aspect of cricket been introduced. Since then, the women’s cricket team has been formed and played worldwide. Cricket being a professional sport, there are variations between men’s and women’s cricket. In women’s cricket, the weight ball is lighter, and the boundary lines are shorter. Let’s talk about the top three of India’s best batsmen in women’s cricket in ODI format matches as follows:

1 Mithali Raj 

Mithali Raj, the best female batsman of all time, has scored more than 8000 international runs. Mithali Raj made her debut in the ODI format when India played against Ireland in 1999. Raj has played 232 WODI format matches, in which she scored 7805 runs, with 125 not out being the highest in her career so far. She has scored seven centuries and 64 fifties in WODI matches. Mithali Raj has a WODI batting average of 50, and she tops the record of the best batsman in women’s cricket in ODI matches. 

Raj made her first entry in Test format matches when India played against England in 2002. In the total of 12 WTest matches played, Raj has scored 699 runs, with 214 runs as the top score, in her career. In test matches, she has scored one century and four half-centuries. 

When talking about her performance in WT20I matches, she has represented India in 89 T20I matches, in which she has scored 2364 runs, with 97 not out being the top score. Mithali Raj bagged a total of 17 half-centuries. 

During her captaincy, she led India to two world cups and played a significant role in them. Mithali Raj has won many awards, including Arjuna Award and Wisden Leading Women Cricketer in the World. She is the first woman batsman to play for over two decades now. She is the No 1 batting in women’s cricket as she broke many previous records; one such is breaking the record of Charlotte Edward’s highest runs in women’s cricket. 

2 Harmanpreet Kaur

Being a batting all-rounder in the Indian Women’s team, Harmanpreet Kaur takes the second position in the list of the best batsman in women’s cricket in the ODI format. Kaur has played 118 matches and scored 2982 runs, averaging 35.50. Kaur has scored four centuries and 15 half-centuries. Our right-handed batswoman’s best score is 171, not out. 

3 Anjum Chopra

Anjum Chopra takes third place in the record of the best batsman in women’s cricket in ODI matches. Chopra took part in a total of 127 matches, in which she bagged a total of 2856 runs, with 100 runs being the highest in her career. This left-handed batswoman has scored one century and 18 fifties in her ODI career. 

List Of 5 Best Batting Performances By Indian Women’s In Test Cricket 

1 Sandhya Agarwal

Played for a decade, Sandhya Agarwal tops the list of the best batsman in women’s cricket in test format matches, with 1110 runs scored out of 13 matches participated. Sandhya has scored four centuries and four half-centuries in test format matches. This right-handed batsman’s highest score is 190 runs, with a test average of 50.45. 

2 Shantha Rangaswamy 

With 750 test runs in 16 test matches played, Shantha holds the second position as the best batsman in women’s cricket list. Shantha’s best test score during her career was 108 runs. She has scored one century and six half-centuries, with an average of 32.60. 

3 Shubhangi Kulkarni 

Shubhangi Kulkarni takes the top third position in the Indian test cricket record. Kulkarni scored 700 runs out of 19 matches, with 118 runs being the highest of all. This right-handed batsman has scored one century and two half-centuries. 

4 Mithali Raj

Mithali Raj occupies the fourth position with her 699 test runs in 12 test matches, averaging 43.68. Played for two decades, Raj has scored one century and four half-centuries in test format matches, and her top test score is 214 runs. 

5 Gargi Banerjee

Gargi Banerjee takes fifth place in the list of the best batsman in women’s cricket. In the total of 12 test matches played, Banerjee has scored 614 runs, with 75 being the highest score. She has scored six half-centuries in test format matches. 

Who Is Ranked At The Top Of Women’s T20 Batting Ranking? 

If we base our concept of the best batsman in women’s cricket worldwide, Beth Mooney from the Australian team tops the list with 724 points. Mooney has scored 6282 runs in 227 Women’s T20 matches and three centuries and 43 half-centuries in T20 format matches. With a batting average of 36.10, Beth Mooney’s top score in her T20 career is 117 runs not out. 

Meg Lanning from the Australian team takes the second spot in the list of the best batsman in women’s cricket in T20 format matches. Lanning has 714 points in the ICC rankings. The Australian Women’s team captain has played 115 T20 matches with 3007 runs. She has scored two centuries and 14 fifties, with 133 not out being the highest. 

Shafali Verma from the Indian team takes the top third place with 710 rating points in the ICC T20I rankings. At the age of 15, she debuted in her first Women’s T20 International match, when India was playing against South Africa in 2019. In the total of 29 WT20I matches played, Shafali has scored 700 runs. Let’s hope there’s so much more to come in her cricket career. 


It is so good to see that there are aspiring women cricketers breaking all the previously set records in the cricket and giving equally good competition to the opponents. Just like Mithali Raj, who is the best batsman in women’s cricket of all time, we hope more players are following her footpaths. 

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