Twitter has announced most valuable Athlete in the list and Guess Who has made the top 5 List


Twitter has released the top 5 most valuable players in twitter and Indian skipper Virat Kohli has made the top 5 spots in the list. Christiano Ronaldo has made the top of the list by having a per tweet value of $868,604 (6.4 Cr). He is leading the table by 2 Cr value from the second place holder Andres Iniesta. He has a per tweet value of $590,825 (Rs 4,24 Cr).

In the list, we also have players like Neymar and Lebron James who capture 3rd and 4th place respectively. They also have the per tweet value of $478,138 (Rs 3.43 Cr) and $470,356 (Rs 3.38 Cr) respectively.

In this list, Kohli is the only Indian and Cricketer to make the list. He has the per tweet value of $350,101 (Rs 2.5 Cr). We can be sure that Kohli will up his value in this ranking too.


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