Sunrisers Hyderabad Player explains his strategy to outwit COVID-19

Sunrisers Hyderabad Player explains his strategy to outwit COVID-19

In a recent interview with Sunrisers Hyderabad pace bowler Bhuvaneshwar Kumar we got some interesting strategies they are planning for his upcoming games. Currently, Bhuvi is in the Indian squad to play against South Africa. The first ODI of the series is scheduled to start tomorrow.

This tournament is conducted amid the COVID-19 spread in India. Currently, Maharashtra has filed a case to cancel IPL 2020 so that there won’t be any large public gathering and the spread of coronavirus can be stopped. Whether the BCCI will take that into consideration is a huge doubt because BCCI President Ganguly has mentioned that the tournament will not be canceled and BCCI will take required actions to stop the spread during IPL. It is also to be noted that Karnataka and Chennai also filed complaints against conducting IPL due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In the upcoming India vs South Africa game many precautions have been made. All the Indian players in the squad have been tested for the COVID-19 and it is confirmed everyone is healthy and fit to put on a show. Likewise all the South African players are tested for the virus and everyone has cleared the test. So this will set the tone for the upcoming IPL tournament which is facing lots of cases to get canceled.

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Indian doctors have also advised their players to wash their hands as often as possible and follow hygiene very strictly. When asked about using Saliva for shining the ball, Kumar made a statement that they have been thinking about not using saliva to shin the ball but if they don’t shine the ball they get thrashed by the opponents. For this, they even get hate comments from their country peoples and if they shine the ball it is against the COVID-19 protocol. So Indian players are not sure about this technique in the upcoming tournament.

However, South Africa captain Quinton de Kock has made it clear that they have been tested for the COVID-19 and cleared the test so they won’t stop using saliva for shining the ball. So it has to be seen how both teams play in this tournament amid the virus outbreak.

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar also mentioned that they have to be more careful in the games as standing near the boundary will put them in the vicinity of the audience and it is highly risky. He also mentioned that they cannot avoid the audience because the peoples love them and it is for them they are performing. So if we keep our masks and gloves we can battle this virus says Kumar in his interview.


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