It Looks Like Kohli may not be Captain of RCB for the remaining Season of IPL 2021

Virat Kohli has been one of the successful player in Indian cricket team. However his rise to captain has be criticized by many of the former Players and analysts. In recent times Kohli has been facing lot of backlash and as a result he has announced him stepping down from the captain of team India in T20 I format.

September 19 2021, the day when the most coveted tournament in India IPL 2021 resumed from the hiatus Virat Kohli announced that he will be stepping down as the captain of RCB franchise next year. This was a huge blow to the fans of the franchise and Kohli who has been stepping down from captaincy one by one.


During the first game of RCB after the hiatus Kohli performed very poorly by scoring 5 from 4 balls and failing to help his team reach a good defending score. It was during his wicket at the hands of Prashid Krishna Kohli has applied for a review and lost it as it was a clear wicket. This miss use of review by the captain was hugely complained by veteran Gambhir.

In an another interview with a former Indian player who stated that Virat Kohli may not be a captain for the remaining season of IPL 2021 due to his poor performance. We have seen this type of move from the franchise management previously. Will the same fate happen for Virat Kohli has to bee seen. It is safe to say that Kohli is one bad game away from losing his captaincy.

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