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When you are posting a comment in our site you will have to enter your name, email ID to post the comment. In order to make it easy for you to make the next comment without entering those data we store them in cookies when you first enter them. You can opt-out from saving the cookies if you want. The validity of the cookie will be 1 year.

Images and Pictures

The images that are uploaded on our website can be downloaded by other users of our website. In order to protect your data please avoid uploading images with embedded location or any other personal data.


To detect spam we collect visitors data in comment form, their IP address and browser user agent string whenever the visitor leaves comment.


We share data with

We only collect Email and Comment that you leave on the website.

We store collected data for

The validity of the data we collect is indefinite. This is done in order to provide recognition to the follow up comments to the comment you posted originally.

We use these data in

The data we collected from you are used in Google Analytics to give you better service.