Over-50s Cricket World Cup 2020 Schedule

Over-50s Cricket World Cup 2020

Over-50s Cricket World Cup 2020 will take place in Cape Town from 11 – 24 March 2020. This tournament will be sponsored by Retirement Specialists. This tournament will be taking place at clubs, school and university grounds throughout the Western Cape with the final being held at PPC Newlands Cricket Stadium.

Twelve teams will compete in the tournament, namely Australia, England, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Namibia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Wales, West Indies, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. These teams have been split into two groups containing 6 teams in each group. Similar to other ICC tournaments each team will be playing against each other once. You can find the complete schedule of the tournament below. Also, we provide Dream11 Prediction for all the games. You can find it on our website or join our telegram channel for last-minute updates.


Over 50s Cricket World Cup 2020 Full Schedule

March 11: Round 1


Match 1: Australia vs. Zimbabwe (Claremont CC, Jack Burt Oval)

Match 2: New Zealand vs. West Indies (Rondebosch CC)

Match 3: Sri Lanka vs. Canada (Western Province CC, Wally Wilson)


Match 4: Pakistan vs. Namibia (Western Province CC, Vineyard)

Match 5: England vs. India (Green Point CC)

Match 6: Wales vs. South Africa (Cape Town CC)

March 13: Round 2​


Match 7: West Indies vs. Australia (Bishops Dioceson College)

Match 8: Sri Lanka vs. Zimbabwe (Westerford High School)

Match 9: Canada vs. New Zealand (Milnerton High School)


Match 10: India vs. Pakistan (Rondebosch Boys’ High School)

Match 11: South Africa vs. England (Wynberg Boys’ High School, Jacques Kallis Oval)

Match 12: Wales vs. Namibia (Reddam House School)

March 15: Round 3


Match 13: Australia vs. Sri Lanka (Green Point CC)

Match 14: West Indies vs Canada (Western Province CC, Vineyard)

Match 15: Zimbabwe vs. New Zealand (Cape Town CC)


Match 16: India vs. South Africa (Langa CC)

Match 17: Pakistan vs. Wales (Claremont CC, Jack Burt Oval)

Match 18: Namibia vs England (Western Province CC, Wally Wilson)

March 16: Round 4


Match 19: Canada vs. Australia (Stellenbosch University A)

Match 20: New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka (Stellenbosch University B)

Match 21: Zimbabwe vs. West Indies (Distell Cricket Ground)


Match 22: Wales vs England (Paul Roos Gymnasium)

Match 23: Pakistan vs. South Africa (Bridge House School)

Match 24: Namibia vs. India (Groot Drakenstein CC)

March 18: Round 5


Match 25: Australia vs. New Zealand (Western Province CC, Vineyard)

Match 26: Zimbabwe vs. Canada (Green Point CC)

Match 27: Sri Lanka vs. West Indies (Cape Town CC)


Match 28: Pakistan vs. England (Langa CC)

Match 29: India vs. Wales (Western Province CC, Wally Wilson)

Match 30: South Africa vs. Namibia (Rondebosch CC)

March 20: Semi-Finals & Playoffs

Match 31: Winner Division A vs. Runner-Up Division B (Green Point CC)

Match 32: Winner Division B vs. Runner-Up Division A (Claremont CC, Jack Burt Oval)

Match 33: Divison A3 vs. Division B4 (Western Province CC, Wally Wilson)

Match 34: Division A4 vs. Division B3 (Cape Town CC)

Match 35: Division A5 vs. Division B6 (Langa CC)

Match 36: Division A6 vs. Division B5 (Rondebosch CC)

March 22: Losing Teams’ Deciders

Match 37: Loser Match 35 vs. Loser Match 36 (Langa CC)

Match 38: Loser Match 33 vs. Loser Match 34 (Rondebosch CC)

Match 39: Loser Match 31 vs. Loser Match 32 (Western Province CC, Vineyard)

March 23: Bowl and Plate Final

Match 40: BOWL FINAL: Winner Match 35 vs. Winner Match 36 (Claremont CC, Jack Burt Oval)

Match 41: PLATE FINAL: Winner Match 33 vs. Winner Match 34 (Claremont CC, Ardene Oval)

March 24: Cup Final

Match 42: Winner Match 31 vs. Winner Match 32 (Newlands Cricket Stadium)

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