Maradona Jr says Messi is better than Ronaldo

Maradona Jr says Messi is better than Ronaldo

In a Spanish radio show the son of legendary footballer Maradona Sr, Maradona Jr expressed how he walks off when someone compares Messi with the likes of Ronaldo.

The talk show highlighted many of the incidents like his career, his family and everything. When asked about his career, Maradona Jr said that he was a good player but the expectation for him was very high obviously due to his last name. So he was unable to play in peace and hone skills to perfection.

When asked who does he thinks as the best player in the world his answer was obviously his old man but apart from him, Maradona Jr chose Messi. In the interview, he mentioned that Ronaldo is a great forward player but he is no Messi.

Messi has a calm aura around him. He is a kind of player who decides to score 5 goals in a match and achieves it single-handedly. He also mentioned that his dad Maradona Sr adores Messi very much. He joked that if these two played a game under the same team then the tournament management can bring all the trophies to the team they play in.


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