Kevin Pietersen Angry over Donald Trump

Kevin Pietersen Angry over Donald Trump

American President Donald Trump is on a trip to India for which India has made many arrangements for the visiting President. On his first day of the visit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took Trump to the inaugural function of the world’s biggest seated stadium Sardar Patel Stadium.

In the inauguration function, Trump gave the speech about how India has set legacy like Bollywood and Greatest cricket players in the world. On mentioning the name of greatest player Sachin Tendulkar, he made a pronunciation mistake and said the legendary cricketer name as Sue Chin Tendulkar.

This has created a huge row on the internet. Many have taken this in a hilarious way and took a dig at Donald Trump for his funny mistake. But some were not happy with how Trump pronounced the name of Sachin. Most specifically, Kevin Pietersen has made clear how not good it was to pronounce the name of a great player mistakenly.

On his twitter page he mentioned that Donald Trump must put more concentration in his research team when he pronounces the names of the legends. Not only KP but there are many criticizers that are not happy with how Trump pronounced the name of Sachin Tendulkar.


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