It is official the 13th Edition of IPL is Suspended

It is official the 13th Edition of IPL is Suspended

The 13th edition of India’s biggest tournament IPL 2020 has been postponed to the 15th of April. Earlier this month there has been an increased number in the CoronaVirus-infected patient in India. This has given rise to many concerns among the government bodies as well as the general public.

Earlier this week the state governments of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Chennai all showed concern about conducting such a huge event during this virus outbreak period. Because even if one match is contaminated then the fallout of this will be a nightmare. There won’t be any containing of the virus what so ever the method may be.

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Also, the Government of India has officially stoped all the incoming and outgoing passengers to and from India as a precaution for the COVID-19 outbreak. Since the WHO has announced COVID-19 as a Pandemic, every country has alerted to be on the watch out for any COVID-19 patient in their country.

Even many general bodies have asked the government to stop or postpone IPL due to the fear of virus spread in India. Earlier today the BCCI board of members has met together to discuss this issue. Initially, IPL was scheduled to take place on March 29th.


Since Government has restricted any new entry into the country, the possibility of international players playing in IPL has dwindled. So BCCI president Ganguly and secretary Jay Shah has come to a conclusion to abid the warnings and postponed the game to April 15th. It has to be noted that all basketball tournaments have been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

During this period BCCI will concur with the Indian health ministry and make avid precautions for the smooth running of the tournament. Even after the tournament has been postponed, Central Ministry for sports has made it clear that they will not withdraw their stand on A) restricting the tournament to a lesser over the tournament has done in some stage. B) conducting the game in a closed-door stadium such that their won’t be any audience present. They have also suggested the BCCI conduct the tournament fewer regions of India so that the travel for the game can be reduced.

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It is not yet clear how the IPL 2020 will be conducted but it has been announced that the tournament will be postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We have to wait and see what are the developments in the 13th edition of IPL.


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