Indian Domestic Crickets are adapting Modern Technologies

Indian Domestic Crickets are adapting Modern Technologies

As time evolves there are many new additions to the Cricket that have been made. One such useful addition is that the player can review the wicket using the DRS method. This has been a useful method in International games. Usually, in International Test games, each side will get 2 reviews per innings.

Now Indian board has announced that there will be a DRS option in the upcoming semi-finals and Final of the Ranji Trophy game. In the Ranji Trophy, each side will get 4 reviews per innings. In the review, if the umpire decision is reversed then the review stands for the appealed team.

This was appreciated by many cricket fans. In this DRS method, the 3rd umpire can only use slow-motion cameras and pitch maps along with a spin vision to detect the outcome of the delivery. Like the usual DRS, umpires cannot use Snicko, hotspot and the ball tracker to get more accurate results.

This is a good set of rules considering that these are domestic games and players tend to take more DRS if they were able to reverse the decision.


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