Huge Row of Cases to cancel IPL 2020 due to COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 outbreak is one of the deadliest and huge outbreaks of the 21st century. This virus outbreak has already caused problems in many social and business events across the globe. The first know sports event to put their curtain due to COVID-19 is the Chinese Super League which announced that the Chinese football tournament will be postponed indefinitely.

Then came Serie A which was also a football tournament that faced many games getting canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Italy. In this long list of the canceled tournament, the biggest festival in India IPL 2020 is more likely to get canceled as the date nears the tournament start date.

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Last week the first case of COVID-19 was registered in India and now we have reached count 60. The majority of the COVID-19 cases are found in Kerala, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. The Governments of these states are taking high precautions to stop the outbreak of this virus. As a result, the Maharashtra Government is discussing getting the IPL 2020 canceled.

Also, the Karnataka Government has given a plea letter to BCCI to postpone the biggest Indian tournament to a later date or cancel it in the wake of Coronavirus. Today even Chennai has registered its first case against the Indian Premier League stating for the betterment of people TN is planning to curb all the public events in Tamil Nadu. For all this BCCI president Ganguly is confident that the tournament will happen without any hindrance.


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