How to watch IPL 2020 also known as IPL Corona Virus

How to watch IPL 2020 also known as IPL Corona Virus

As we have said earlier this years IPL has been postponed due to the increased cases of Corona Virus Government of India has taken a stand to postpone India’s biggest cricket festival IPL. In this post let us see what else has happened due to IPL Corona Virus.

BCCI was very much positive that the spread of the Corona Virus will not have any impact on the schedule of IPL. But 2 days before the government of India has made an announcement stating that incoming and outgoing of passengers to and from India has been stopped till mid-April. Since the foreigners are restricted to enter India many foreign players will not have played if IPL were to happen as scheduled. So in the IPL vs Corona Virus battle, the first round goes to COVID-19.

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Also, the ministry of sports has iterated to BCCI to conduct the IPL Corona Virus in a closed stadium to stop the spread of the virus. Also, they have asked BCCI to consider lowering the over of the tournament so that the game can be contained. Another advice sports ministry has given is to try to reduce the venues in which the games will be conducted. So that the travel can be reduced and the spread of the virus can be contained within the state. BCCI has not yet made any decision other than postponing the tournament to a later date. So let us wait for the official news from BCCI.


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