Harry Conway shows his inner Steven Smith

Harry Conway shows his inner Steven Smith

In the Sheffield Shield tournament, New South Wales and South Australia are facing one another in Sydney. Both teams are going neck and neck so far. The best thing that can happen in cricket is when someone imitates the likes of a great player.

Such a thing happened in this match. Harry Conway has entered the game at no 10 and scored his career-high 31 runs. It was the 76 run partnership between Conway and Jack Edwards that took their team to a defendable total.

In his career-high innings, Conway channeled his inner Steven Smith while batting. During the Ashes game, Smith made an unorthodox batting style of leaving the ball. He continued to do the same in the Boxing day Test against NZ too.

This must-have inspired Harry Conway cause he too made a similar performance with his bat. he left the balls that he deemed not meant for him and picked the balls that he can make an impact. With this mindset, he has scored his career-high run of 31.


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