February 29 The Unknown Cricket Facts

February 29 The Unknown Cricket Facts

February 29 has always been a much important day in world history. Since it comes only once in four years is the reason for its importance. Many wish they were born on Feb 29 and very few wishes to avoid Feb 29. So today being Feb 29 let’s see some fun events that happened on Feb 29.

It was on this day the historical event for Kenya happened. During the 1996 World Cup West Indies was a very strong team. It had star-studded players like Brian Lara and Shivnarine Chanderpaul. However, after winning the toss, WI asked their opponent Kenya to bat first. On batting first Kenya scored just 166 runs which were not a huge asking for the star-studded WI team.

During the batting WI, player misjudged their opponent and fell for fewer runs. Only 2 players managed to score in double remaining all went for a single digit. At the end of the game, WI was able to score just 93 runs. This marks the first-ever ODI victory for Kenya and first-ever loss for WI to an Associate team.

Another important event in the cricket event is the Birthday of Sean Abbott. On this day only 3 of the international players were born. Richard Gover was born in 1908, Gavin Byron Stevens was born in 1932 and Sean Abbott was also born in 1992.


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