CoronaVirus has Destroyed Basketball Community once and for all

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In the latest update to the Coronavirus outbreak, many of the basketball players have been tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus. As a result, the National Basketball Association has dropped this season of the NBA. This was after the tip received which stated that players of Utah Jazz might suffer from COVID-19. This lead to the players being tested for COVID-19.

The test result came as a huge blow to the UTA as well as the NBA community. To ensure the player safety NBA management has decided to suspend this yeas NBA tournament. This may not be the first tournament to come under the ax due to the outbreak of Coronavirus but this is definitely the first tournament to get suspended. Whereas the other tournaments have postponed the timing of the game so that they can access the COVID-19 outbreak and conduct the games safely. NBA has released a press notice to all its fans to wait patiently and pray for the players. They have also requested to check their website for latest updates about the future of the tournament.

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In India, one of the biggest tournaments IPL is also facing a similar threat as the government has requested the IPL management to postpone or cancel this season of IPL. Since large gathering will be happening for these games Government is concerned that this Pandemic outbreak cannot be contained if it were to spread in that crowd.

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