Bruno Fernandes Joined Manchester United due to Nani

Bruno Fernandes Joined Manchester United due to Nani

In the last winter trade, Bruno Fernandes signed his contract to join Manchester United. Both Manchester United and Manchester City were fighting for this young player to sign to their team. It was the advice given by Nani that made Bruno choose Manchester United instead of MCI.

He has been doing very well in his first games he played for MUN. In these 6 games, he scored goals and made 2 assists win the game. It was during his playing with Nani, Bruno got to build this relation. It was during this period that Nani gets to observe Bruno and helped him improve his caliber in the game.

Nani’s small advises like “try for the European game because your game type is much welcomed there” has spurred Bruno to sign into a European club. When Bruno was offered offers two rival teams Manchester United and Manchester City, Nani again interfered to help Bruno.

“As soon as I saw the news, the possibilities, I told him, ‘Don’t choose Manchester City, don’t choose any other team. You choose Man Utd!’” said Nani. It was this advice that ultimately helped Bruno to decide which team to sign his contract with. It looks like Nani has helped Bruno more than he knew in this decision.


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