BCCI looking to Create new Schedule for IPL 2020

BCCI looking to Create new Schedule for IPL 2020

It looks like this year’s IPL 2020 is in great turmoil. Initially, the tournament start date was postponed. After that, there has been a huge row of conflicts between the BCCI and other team owners. Then came the pressure BCCI received from the Indian Governments as well as the state Governments. There were many rumors around how the IPL 2020 was conducted.

After the match date of the IPL 2020 was canceled BCCI announced that the tournament will resume from April 15th. After that announcement, there was no solid claim to how the tournament will be conducted. With the spread of Coronavirus in India increasing day by day, it is a huge question whether India will be ready to welcome players from another country by April 15. Currently, India is under lockdown till March 31st. However, the spread of Coronavirus is not in lockdown.

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There were several plans speculated by the BCCI to conduct IPL 2020 on the given schedule. Some of the plans are reducing the games of the tournament. Increasing the number of doubleheaders and many other options. But everything seems obsolete now. With the whole world under lockdown, BCCI can do very little to conduct the IPL 2020 on time.

Because of all these difficulties BCCI is considering a new plan to conduct IPL without any hitch. So BCCI is considering a different time slot in which it can conduct every match in the tournament as planned. In the month of July and September India has only one tournament apart from the Asia T20 Cup. India has ODI and T20 tournament against Sri Lanka in this time period. Currently, BCCI is planning to tweak this schedule so that they can conduct the IPL 2020 during July and September.

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Another factor that may cause a problem for IPL 2020 at this period is England hosting Pakistan as well as planning to hist England Hundred at the same time. If this were to clash with the new IPL 2020 time then we can be sure to miss out on England players from the IPL. Other than England all the other teams like Australia, South Africa, West Indies are not tightly packed at this time. So let us hope for the best result to experience IPL 2020.

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