Barcelona on a Freefall to Disaster

Barcelona on a Freefall to Disaster

It looks like everything is going against Barca perfectly. In the first leg of the Round of 16 against Napoli Barca scored one goal to tie the game. The unfortunate event is they lost many players in the first leg to capitalize on the second leg of the tournament.

During the game, Barca’s Arturo Vidal made a nasty clash with Rui and escalated it to an argument. As a result, the referee gave Rui a yellow card. But for Arturo Vidal, the punishment was a little high cause he was given two yellow cards which were taken as a red card.

Since this was not a direct red card, Barca was left with no hope of challenging the referee’s decision as pern VAR. Along with Arturo Vidal, Sergio Busquets also got a yellow card which puts him in suspension for the next leg of the tournament.

With a small squad, Barcelona has to tackle the player injuries and their suspension in the next leg of the tournament. Already for the first leg against Napoli Quique Seiten put 4 players from B team on the bench to meet the required number. With these suspensions, Barcelona must be careful with how they play their cards in the upcoming games.


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