Barcelona at the Verge of Tournament Exit

Barcelona at the Verge of Tournament Exit

There are many crazy things happening in the football world like tournament being postponed indefinitely due to a virus outbreak to a team exiting the league due to insufficient players. Yes, you have heard me right a very well renowned team is at the brink of losing the competition due to insufficient players to play in the game.

We all know the mighty Barcelona team is indestructible in the football tournament. In recent times there were a few exchanges of words between the players and the management. The most spoken out incident is the burst out between the team’s star player Messi and the team management.

Due to many injuries in the team Barca is on the verge of losing their star team in this tournament. In their last game against Napoli in the Champions League, Barca manager Quique Setien named four players from Barca B Team to fill the bench so the team can have enough players to enter the game.

Barca planned their squad with just 20 players. This is the setback for Barcelona when many of their A-team players are injured and their recovery period is very long. With the tournament getting the end it is the time for their ace players to play not the B team to fill the space.

If Barcelona fails to recover from this grave mistake then the future of the club will be a big question mark.


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