Abdul Razzaq Slams Indian Players are not upto Pakistan Players

Abdul Razzaq Slams Indian Players are not up to Pakistan Players

The relationship between India and Pakistan is always controversial. These controversies don’t end nationwide but it has also been a huge factor in sports entertainment too. Whenever there is a Cricket match between India and Pakistan it is considered to be a World War by both countries. These intensities some times spill outside the playing field too.

One of such a controversial statement is made by Abdul Razzaq. In recent times Abdul Razzaq has made a statement that the best XI of PSL will surely defeat the best XI of IPL. IPL is one of the famous T20 tournament in which active players from around the world participate. This tournament has paved the way for many young talents to get exposure to international standards and create the next generation of International teams.

After the success of IPL, many countries formed their own premier leagues, one such league is Pakistan Super League. PSL has recently released its tournament Anthem. After a few editions, Pakistan players are not brought by any teams and as a result, Pakistan is the only country that has not played in IPL in recent years. Likewise, no Indian players are given a spot in PSL too. To answer the statement made by Abdul Razzaq, there are many foreign players from around the world that plays in IPL regularly and boycott PSL regularly, so this sets the standards of the tournament and players in it.

This is not the only controversial statement made by former Pakistan Cricketer Abdul Razzaq. By time and again he has been targeting Indian Players in his verbal assault. Some of the mentally unstable statements made by Abdul Razzaq are ” Virat Kohli is a lucky player ” – taking a shot at the success of Indian Skipper. “Jasprit Bumrah is a baby bowler for me” – Saying one of the best bowlers in a world as a baby rises the question about the mental stability of the person.


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